Index of The Family Man Season 1 and 2

The veteran actor Manoj Bajpayee plays the central character in this highly dramatized action thriller.  He is not a common family man but is also a responsible member of the country which is also a family. Bajpayee plays Srikant Tiwari who is a middle-class man and works secretly for the T.A.S.C. (a fictitious branch of the National Investigation Agency). The prime index of The Family Man season 1 is the effort Srikant Tiwari puts up to strike a balance between his family, his secret job, and his responsibilities towards his country.

Before the second season arrives, why not refresh the whole index of The Family Man Season 1?

Episode 1: The Family Man

The season starts with the Indian Coast Guard capturing 3 ISIS terrorists in the Arabian Sea. TASC is supervised to transport them. This ISIS personnel tries to escape and are caught finally. Moosa, the most wanted among them also surrendered. But these people are up to a bigger goal named Mission Zulfiqar and as a part of their mission, one of the ISIS personnel plants a scooter bomb.

Episode 2: Sleepers

That scooter filled with a bomb is placed near Kaala Ghoda in Mumbai and in spite of the endeavours of the security forces, it explodes. The mission now is to find the bomber. The chief analysts of TASC receive information that 3 gaming engineers are associated with this act. Srikant and team arrests and interrogates them about the instructor. They say he communicated through a Dropbox and must be from Victoria College.

Episode 3: Anti-national

The basic index of the Family Man Season 1, Episode 3 is the identification of the anti-nationals. The local police start monitoring that Dropbox and Karim who studies in Victoria College is seen collecting a message from that Dropbox. It doesn’t take much time for the team to set up CCTV cameras in his room. Also, during this inspection of his room, a floor plan and guest list are seen which intensifies the suspicion. Also, Major Sameer in Pakistan tries to misguide the intelligence of India.

Episode 4: Patriots

TASC breaks into the hard drive of Karim and learns about the location of the strike. On the night of the plan execution, the students run into the roadblocks of TASC. The students die in a crossfire. But it’s concluded that they only wanted to feed beef to the guests. To save the face of TASC, Karim and his friends are tagged as terrorists. On the family front, Srikant doubts his wife Suchitra is having an affair with Arvind. He reads messages on her phone and follows her where she is simply enjoying a drink with her friend. By the end of the episode, it is revealed that the main man behind that scooter bomb is Sajid who also belongs to Victoria College and is just released from jail.

Episode 5: Pariah

The basic index of The Family Man Season 1, Episode 5 is the meeting between Sajid and the ISIS agents who tell him that Karim was just a cover to save him as there is a bigger plan waiting to be executed. Srikant meets Karim’s girlfriend Jonali and tells her that he was not a terrorist. Moosa while in the hospital tells some emotional story to his nurse and gains her sympathy. She trusts him and gives Moosa her cell phone through which he contacts ISIS and says he will escape from the hospital in 2-3 days. Sajid is sent to Srinagar for Mission Zulfiqar where Srikant is also transferred as a punishment for killing an innocent. But that’s just a cover. Srikant is there to trace a sleeper agent. On the other hand, Moosa taking full advantage of the horse kills Asif.

Episode 6: Dance of Death

Seeing Moosa’s performance in a terrorist attack in Istanbul where he killed 270 people with nerve gas, Major Sameer was impressed and hired him for Mission Zulfiqar. Nurse Mary is petrified and feels used as she learns that Asif is dead but keeps mum. So, the security forces in the hospital. Srikant learns that Basharat is the one who supervises all terrorist activities in Kashmir. Meanwhile, in the hospital, four armed men enter to take Moosa or Al Qatil away. In that tussle, Jayesh and Pasha die. Also, Moosa kills nurse Mary mercilessly.

Episode 7: Paradise

The index of The Family Man here gets thrilling and confusing. TASC faces criticism from all corners due to the hospital incident. Now, the prime thrill lies in the fact that the Indian Security Forces gets a tip that Basharat is about to attend a wedding at Baramulla. But Srikant is upset and enters the wedding to catch Sajid. He gets impulsive and thus the team loses Basharat’s trail and Sajid also escapes Kashmir successfully.

Episode 8: Act of War

Srikant is now after Faizan who is now captured in Pakistan in an operation by the U.S.A. After much interrogation, it’s revealed that these terrorists have planned to release nerve gas in New Delhi. This has was smuggled to Kashmir and the brought to New Delhi. This episode in the index of The Family Man boils the curiosity inside the audiences. The Prime Minister is alarmed of this probable incident.

Episode 9: Fighting Dirty

The PM of Pakistan makes a deal with General Ansari and aborts Mission Zulfiqar. Major Sameer is also arrested but he manages to inform Basharat. But still the Indian Army is able to capture the canisters of gases and Basharat dies in a cross fire. Learning all that Moosa now blackmails a chemical engineer in New Delhi to give a shape to his mission.

Episode 10: The Bomb

Moosa plans to repeat that Bhopal Gas Tragedy in New Delhi. The gases emitted from this plant will kill everyone in New Delhi in just 2 hours. Srikant manages to get Moosa’s mother on TV who appeals her son to abort the plan. Desperate to fulfill his mother’s wish, he wants to stop the massacre but Sajid kills Moosa. The lasts scene shows that one of the containers bursts open after reaching the critical pressure.  

Directed by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K., this series is available in Prime Amazon. The next season is expected around October 2020.

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