Index of Breath Season 1 & 2

Breathe is an Indian web series that premiered on Prime Amazon on 26th January 2018. Directed by Mayank Sharma, this was the second Indian web series on Prime Amazon that slowly and steadily reached great heights of success. It’s a crime thriller saga with unconditional love being the prime driving force behind crime. For some reason, if you haven’t watched this show, then, here is the index of Breathe Season 1 & 2 for you.

Episode 1: The Promise

In the first episode, we are introduced to two main characters belonging to two extremes. We have Danny Mascarenhas, a football coach and then we have Kabir Sawant, a police officer of high rank. Danny is a noble person who lives with Josh, his son, and Juliet, his mother. The biggest pain in Danny’s life is the health condition of his son Josh. Josh has very weak lungs and the doctors have said he has only 5 months to live. He is awaiting lungs and is currently at number 4 on the recipient list. Danny breaks the law and finds the list of donors. We also see the highly alcoholic Kabir who just cannot get over the death of his daughter.

Episode 2: The Hunt Begins

So, from this episode onwards, the prime motive of the index of Breathe Season 1 is revealed and that is to kill or destroy anyone who comes in the way of your loved ones. Danny starts to date Josh’s doctor Aruna Sharma so that he can scoop out more information about Josh and execute plans to save him. The very next day, Danny goes to the address of the person who is just one position above Josh in the recipient list. He tries to kill that retired professor by triggering his asthma. However, he doesn’t die but goes into a coma. On the other hand, we also see that Kabir goes to Prakash Kamble’s wedding anniversary party where things get a bit out of hand.

Episode 3: Safety First

Danny perfectly executes the murder of the next one on that list which is Rahul, a bright young office worker. Rahul is very particular about safety measures. Firstly, Danny hides Rahul’s helmet and then crashes into his motorcycle making it look like a road accident. He also leaves the helmet beside Rahul’s body. Kabir comes in the crime scene and learns about Rahul’s obsession about safety and asks people who confirm he left office wearing that helmet. This doubt in Kabir’s mind shines in the index of Breathe Season 1, Episode 3.

Episode 4: The Audition

The next victim of Danny is Anita who is a struggling actress. Danny pretends that he is an assistant director and pleads Anita to perform a suicide scene. As she suffocates to breathe, Danny doesn’t go-ahead to help her and lets her die. A very interesting detail comes up that changes the index of Breathe Season 1. Both Anita and Rahul belong to the same blood group and are registered organ donors. So, Prakash makes a list of probable organ donors and finds that the next on target could be Ria.

Episode 5: Bad Fish

This is one of the most important episodes in the index of Breathe season 1. Kabir warns Ria about a serial killer but she doesn’t believe him. So, Kabir and Prakash watch over her house from outside. Now, Danny breaks into Rias house to kill her but is interrupted by her mom. Therefore, Danny leaves her house which Kabir and Prakash notice and follows him. Danny easily outruns Kabir and goes to that professor who is in a coma and kills him. Returning home, he finds Kabir and Prakash interrogating his family.

Episode 6: Blind Man’s Bluff

The index of Breathe season 1, episode 6 is that everyone zeroes their doubts on Danny. Aruna learns that on the night of that Professor’s death, Danny was there at the hospital. Suddenly, Josh comes up in the chart. Danny then goes to kill another man named Nair as per the list. He kills Nair by drowning him in the swimming pool.

Episode 7: It’s in the Eyes

The index of Breathe season 1, episode 7 is thrilling. Danny is attacked by Kabir at the blind school. As Aruna confronts Danny about the sudden demise of organ donors, Danny kills her too. While investigating the cases, Kabir and Prakash learn that it was Rao who killed Nair. Kabir then calls Danny to apologize and then leaves the city for a short leave.

Episode 8: Body Parts

The season finale shows Josh has climbed up the chart but the organ donor is a smoker. Out of desperation, Danny goes inside the art gallery to kill Ria but is killed by Kabir instead. Yes, Kabir always had his doubts on Danny and his break was just a fluke for Danny. After that, it’s shown Nair couldn’t make it and his lungs are given to Josh. In a flash-forward, it’s seen that Juliet, Ria, and Kabir attend Josh’s school annual sports meet. The crime is covered by Kabir and Prakash to retain people’s belief in organ donation.

That’s all for the index of Breathe season 1. It features R. Madhavan as Dannyz Amit Sadh as Kabir, Neena Kulkarni as Juliet, Sapna Pabbi as Ria, Atharva Vishwakarma as Josh, Hrishikesh Joshi as Prakash, and Shrishwara was Aruna Sharma. The basic storyline is that how far a father can go to save his child.

After a long wait of 2 years, Breathe season 2 is ready to entertain the viewers. The next season of Breathe will see Abhishek Bachchan and Nithya Menon as parents who are desperately searching for their daughter Siya. This is going to be the web series debut both for Abhishek Bachchan and Nithya. It will premiere on 10th July 2020. The teaser had already garnered quite a positive attention. The audience is expecting another thrilling and heart-wrenching tale to unfold on screen.

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