Do You Know the Basic Premise of the International Hit Series Money Heist?

Money Heist is a super hit international Netflix series that has been adored by fans worldwide. The characters of this Spanish thriller series have become icons. Initially, it aired on Spanish channel Antena 3 with 15 episodes under the name “Le Casa de Papel” (the house of papers). But Netflix bought the international rights and cut them into 22 episodes to be shown in two parts and renamed it as Money Heist. So, if you want to know or download the index of money heist then this blog is for you.

index of money heist

Basically, Money Heist has two seasons and each season has two parts. Thus, this series of 4 parts (2 seasons) have 31 episodes in total with length varying between 41-59 minutes.

The basic premise of Money Heist as the name suggests is about a heist performed by 8 thieves who are commanded by a mastermind- the “Professor”. This group pulls of two heists at two highly prestigious places in Spain, namely, the Royal Mint of Spain and the Bank of Spain. How this group of thieves carry out a heist, keep hostages, face challenges, and fulfil their objectives is what the series is all about. The larger than life plot sequences draws high octane action and some crazy characters. Never have any group of thieves carried on such heists in the history of Spain. Know the index of Money Heist part wise below.

What happens in Part 1?

In this index of money heist part 1, people see the heist in the Royal Mint of Spain. The part starts with a small description of the past lives of all the characters. The professor scouts them and creates a dream team.

In this team, the characters are code-named after cities of the world. They are- Tokyo, Rio, Denver, Helsinki, Nairobi, Oslo, Berlin, and Moscow. The professor rules out that no one should form any personal relationship or attachment with any of the group members.

But that is not to happen! The characters first of all enters the Royal Mint of Spain and then wears their red jumpsuit with Salvador Dali masks. They take hostages of 67 people among whom one is Alison Parker,  the daughter of the British ambassador to Spain.

Staying inside the Mint actually is a cover for their two major tasks. One, to print aa much currency notes as they can, and two, to drill a passage out of that place. So, from the beginning, they start negotiations with Raquel Murillo, the inspector in charge of this case.

Little did Raquel know that she is being watched and monitored by the Professor in disguise of a friend. The professor even installs a mic in the spectacles of Raquel’s second in command Angel. That’s how, these thieves were always ahead of the plans of the police force. Raquel falls in love with the Professor and vice versa and that’s a big mistake.

Rio and Tokyo get serious with each other. Denver falls in love with a hostage named Monica who is the love interest and a child-bearer of the Director of the Mint Arturo. So, many mistakes take place, but, they wipe them up just like a perfect criminal and wins the hearts.

What happens in Part 2?

In this index of Money Heist part 2 reaches a deep intensity. Here, the police, team, and the professor get confused and act over the edge. Raquel finds out the secret place where the professor trained the thieves.

The professor couldn’t make an important call to the team as promised because he had to guard Raquel. Now, in this turn of events, the Professor also erases a shred of major evidence from the ex-husband of Raquel and forensic expert, Alberto. Without the call of the Professor, to tackle the feisty Tokyo, Berlin tapes her on a table and sends her out of the Mint.

The police get a major substance through Tokyo but while on her way to the jail, her guardian angel, the Professor saves her. She gets on a bike and unable to connect to the professor, decided to enter the mint again. And this is the best scene of the series. To cover for her, Moscow gets a bullet and as the police deny to send medical help, he eventually dies.

In the turn of events, the secretary of Arturo, Monica agrees to be a part of the heist team and she is code-named Stockholm. She along with the rest of the team leaves the Mint except Berlin who fights the police and dies. So, after 11 days stay at the mint, this group of thieves start a new life with 2.4 million dollars. And that’s the index of money heist for season 1.

What happens in Part 3?

The index of money heist second season is about another heist that is bigger and scarier than the last one. This part starts with a short glimpse of how happy the lives of these thieves have become.

Rio and Tokyo were on a break in a lonely Island and one fine day Tokyo gets bored and wants to leave the island and also take a break from Rio to enjoy her life. She does that and one phone call from Rio changes everything.

Rio gets arrested and thus all other team members meet to plan another heist to save Rio. Here in this part, the surprise element is Raquel Murillo. She joins the Professor’s team as she is in love with him.

Her code name is Lisbon. Bogota, Palermo and Marseille are the new team members. In season 2, this group of thieves are going to rob the Bank of Spain and their entrance into the bank is one of the most dramatic ones.

The professor gains sympathy in the eyes of the common public and then drops currency notes on the streets of Madrid creating a frenzy of sorts. Meanwhile, Rio is tortured by the new police inspector, Alicia. The professor uses the military to enter the Bank of Spain.

The public comes to protest against the government and cheer for the robbers and that works as a shield for the team to enter the bank. These robbers know the vaults of gold and even after being submerged underwater, they know the trick to enter the vault and take the gold out.

Like in the first season, here also, they buy time from the police so that they can liquidity the gold and convert them into golden grains. The professor and Lisbon were in an RV monitoring the team but a police drone locates the RV and they had to split. Unable to climb a tree, Lisbon enters a house and the house owner tells police about Lisbon.

But the police fires and the Professor hears that as he was on the call with Lisbon and thus he thinks that Lisbon is dead which breaks the Professor badly. On the other hand, Rio is released and he joins the team inside the bank. Meanwhile, Nairobi also gets shot in her chest and that sees an end to this part. Clearly, this index of money heist is quite saddening.

What happens in Part 4?

The last episode of part 3 was a cliff hanger of sorts and the index of money heist part 4 is all about the execution of the plan that went haphazard. Here in this part, the audiences see the last few happy days of Berlin’s life where he gets hitched.

The viewed also get to know the love shared between Berlin and Palermo. Tokyo does the surgery for Nairobi but she is used later by Gandia to escape and after escape he shots her in her head that kills her instantly.

This is one of the biggest losses among Money Heist fans. Tokyo also informs the professor that Lisbon is alive. Alicia meanwhile tries to scoop out information about the heist. Now, to save Lisbon, the professor and Marseille enters Antonanza’s house and offers him 1 million dollars to work as their alibi.

The professor gives him his watch so that Lisbon could know that the Professor is aware of her life. Antonanzas follows the order and while Lisbon is taken to the court, the professor organized a blind show that rescues Lisbon. In the final episode, the audiences see that Alicia takes all the blame on herself but decided to find out the professor all by herself.

Now, Gandia who now becomes the hostage again after a lot of daring fights asked the police to send a helicopter on the roof to escape. Meanwhile, Marseille rescued Lisbon and brings her to the roof on the professor’s helicopters. The team reunites with Lisbon. But the cliff hanger is Alicia locates the professor and points a gun on him.

This is the whole index of Money Heist. The audiences are waiting eagerly for the next part. This Emmy award winning show is available on Netflix and is directed by Alex Pina.

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