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Yo Movies is an online media streaming and movie downloading website. It provides you all the latest movies from Hollywood to Bollywood.

In this post, I am going to tell you about Yo Movies. How can you watch movies, and how can you download them. You will know each and everything. Let’s get started…


Everyone loves to get entertained and films play a significant role in entertainment. I personally like to watch films and whenever I feel bored or exhausted, I prefer watching movies. I either watch them on OTT platforms or I go theaters.

If you are a person who loves to watch movies online, then Yo Movies can be a good option for you. It has a massive database of films where you can find movies in all genres. Yomovies allows you to download the pirated version of the latest movies and TV shows, which is totally illegal.

Yo movies first started its website way back in 2008 with .com extension. Creating the pirated version of a film soon after its release is a copyright crime. Yomovies did the same. It used to release the pirated version of the latest movies at that time. The government of India blocked the website in India.

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Reincarnation of Yo Movies:

Yo movies get the majority of its traffic from India. It lost all the traffic when It got banned by the government. The owners of Yomovies re-launched it with a new extension.

It was got banned by the DoT again.

The current version of Yo Movies is yomovies.co.in.

Video Formats:

You can download the latest movies in various HD formats like 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p.

If you are going to watch movies on your smartphones like an Android phone or iPhone, then 720p format is right for you. If you are going to watch the films on Television that you can go with 1080p format.

Remember, the higher the pixel size the heavier the file will be. So please choose the right format accordingly.

Website Content:

Yomovies is filled with amazing content. You can find the latest collection of Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, Dual Audio movies and popular web series. Let me tell you what these categories are and how can what can you expect from these categories:

Bollywood Movies:  In this section of the website, you will find the latest collection of Bollywood movies. As per the website, it claims to have all the latest Hindi movies for the last three years. You can download them in 480p to 1080px formats.

Hollywood Movies: You can find all the Hollywood movies from 2017 to the films which are released recently. Films in this category are in English and Hindi languages only. You can either watch movies online or can download them.

Dual Audio: If you are not a native English speaker just like me, then this category will be helpful for you. In this section of the Yomovies, you can find the films that are dubbed in Hindi/Urdu languages. From Hollywood dubbed movies to Tamil dubbed movies, you can download them all in this category.

Genre: Genre defines a style or category of a movie. On Yomovies.com you can download movies with various genres such as Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Horror, Romance, Sci-fi, and Drama and so on. This is different from the above-mentioned category. In this section, you can download Bollywood, Hollywood and dual audio movies on the bases of their genre.

Regional Languages: You can find movies in a local regional language like Bengali Movies, Bhojpuri Movies, Punjabi Movies, Marathi Movies, Gujarati Movies, Tamil Movies, Malayalam Movies, and Kannad Movies. So if you want to watch movies in your mother tongue, then you can explore this category.

Television Series: Online web series and TV series are top-rated nowadays in the world. People are fed up with the traditional TV series that runs for years. It’s a time for mini TV series now. In this section, you will find the latest Hollywood and Bollywood TV and Web series.

About the YoMovies:

  • Yomovies was first registered in 2008, but the current website is running in .co.in extension.
  • The domain registrar of YoMovies is Realtime Register B.V.
  • This website is hosted on Cloudflare.
  • As per the Whois data of the website, the domain owner belongs to Bihar, India.
  • The website loads faster on both mobile and desktop.


Is is safe to download movies from Yomovies?
Downloading or watching pirated content is illegal. So we won’t recommend you to do this. I request you to go to cinemas to watch movies or buy a subscription plan to watch them online.


Domshat, don’t recommend or endorse any pirated content. We have faith in our Indian Jurisdiction System and follow all the anti-piracy guidelines. We request our readers to watch movies in the legit way. You can watch movies on the television or you can buy the subscription of any OTT platform.

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