Tamilgun is an online movie website that allows its users to download and watch any movie online. If you are a fan of movies, you will definitely like Tamilgun.

In this post, we are going to explore Tamilgun movie downloading website.

About Tamilgun:

Tamilgun is a very popular website in India. You can go to tamilgun.com and download any movie in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam language.

If you are fond of watching movies, then Tamilgun is one of the best options for you. It has a good collection of South Indian movies from 2016. I have searched a lot of movies on Tamil gun and it never disappointed me.

South Indian movies are full of action, drama, and suspense. In starting days, very few people watch south Indian movies, but now these films are spreading their fan base.

For example, Bahubali is one of the best Tamil movies of all time. Not only in India, But It has also shattered many records all over the world. You can download this movie on Tamilgun and Isaimini

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Inception of Tamilgun:

One day the owner of Tamilgun was surfing the web to download his favorite Tamil movie online. After doing a lot of Google search, he didn’t find any good website that can allow him to watch or download the Tamil movie.

There are approx. 252 million people live in the southern part of India and these people only watch Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies. He thought that just like him, millions of people face the same problem on a daily basis.

He then decided why shouldn’t I build a website that is specially designed for south Indian people and allow them to download movies in their native language. With that in mind, he introduced Tamilgun.

In 2012, they launched Tamil Gun with .com domain extension. The domain name was tamilgun.com. But in the early days, TamilGun is not getting the initial traffic on its website because people are not aware of the new website.

At that time, the majority of the website gets traffic through Google search. Since Tamilgun was not ranking well in Google, it didn’t get the traffic as its owner expected.

Then the owner decided to go with search engine optimization of Tamilgun. He spent months doing the SEO of the website. After several months, the Tamilgun started getting traffic.

Banned by DoT

DoT is known Department of Telecommunications, a statutory body of Indian Government. When the website started getting thousands of visitors on a daily basis, it was soon banned by the government of India because it allowed its users to download pirated content. Piracy is illegal in India.

 Since 2012, they always come with a new domain extension like .in, .org, .co, .co.in and many more. But when these new sites started getting traffic, they got banned by the Government. SSR Movies and Yomovies were also targeted by the DoT.

Tamilgun Content:

Tamilgun has a lot of content related to entertainment like movies, TV shows, and web series and so on. When you visit tamilgun, you will find that all the above-mentioned entertainment media is classified adequately in various categories in the top navigation.
Following categories on Tamilgun website:

  • HD Movies: You can download the massive collection of old and new movies in high definition. The pixel quality of any movies ranges from 720px to 1080px in this category. If you are a fan of watching movies in HD format, you can explore this category.
    The file size of these pixel quality movies is much more substantial. These are majorly more than 1 GB. So I advise you to download these movies on a Wi-Fi connection because it will cost you more mobile data.
  • New Movies: Instead of searching for any random movie online, I always prefer to go with the latest movies to watch. If you love to watch the latest movies just like me, you should definitely try this section of the website. As the name indicates you can download new Tamil movies in this section. Any movie that is released within the span of the last six months will fall into this category. It might be possible that the films in this category are not in HD format because these are recently released movies and it is tough for the Tamilgun owners to bring the pirated version of any new movie in HD format.
  • Dubbed Movies: If you are not familiar with the Tamil language and still love these movies, you should explore this category. In this section of Tamilgun, You can download any Tamil dubbed movie in the Hindi language.
  • TV Series: In the modern era, people are more lingering on TV/Web series rather than movies. These web series come in trend in the past 2- 3 years. People love them because they are not long as compare to the traditional TV series and you can easily watch them on your smartphone, laptop screen or TV. Tamilgun allows you to download the latest TV series online. All you need to do is just go to the tamilgun website and click on the TV series link in the top navigation.

Technicalities of Tamil Gun:

  • The domain tamilgun.com is registered with Name.com
  • It is using CDN with Cloudflare.
  • The registrant contact is Kodom Gideon.
  • As per GTmetrix, the website speed is good. It loads in less than 2 seconds.


Q: How to download movies from Tamilgun?
We advise you not to download any pirated movie online. Piracy is a crime and it is against the law. Please watch the movies in a legit way.

Q: How to open Tamilgun?
Ans: Just type the web address of Tamilgun is the web browser of your mobile or laptop. It will be opened.

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Disclaimer: Domshat, don’t recommend or endorse any pirated content. We have faith in our Indian Jurisdiction System and follow all the anti-piracy guidelines. We request our readers to watch movies in the legit way. You can watch movies on the television or you can buy the subscription of any OTT platform.

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