Top Five Netflix Series You Must Watch

There are a lot of ways by which we can entertain ourselves. The evolution of technology allowed us to explore some better and more amazing methods for our entertainment. There are a lot of streaming services that are offering amazing content which is just a single touch away from you and Netflix being the pioneer of these services. There are numerous shows available on Netflix, but we shall talk about the top five series which you must not miss at any cost! Let’s take a look at what these amazing shows are!

1. The People v O.J. Simpson

Based on a book written by Jeffrey Toobin in 1997 which has the same subtitle as the title of the show, The People v O.J. Simpson is truly a gritty and thrilling show which is available on Netflix. The show just has a single season and you can binge-watch all the episodes whenever you are in the mood to watch a crime thriller show. The critics have praised the story and direction of the show’s episodes, but the job done by the actors is what makes this show a piece of pure entertainment.

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2. Line of Duty

If you are a fan of police drama, then this show has the right content for you. The show is divided into six episodes for each season and the story is about a counter-terrorist who is transferred to the AC-12 anti-corruption unit after one of his important missions goes wrong. The show does not miss a single beat and has exceptional performances from all the actors. A gripping story and a thrilling ride is what makes this show special and a part of our list.

3. Parks and Recreation

One of the most popular shows worldwide is this gem right here. Parks and Recreation is known for its excellent humor which does not fail to make the viewers laugh even when they are in a serious situation. The show has a huge star cast with big names like Rashida Jones and Aubrey Plaza, who have done a great job in playing their respective roles.

4. Black Lightning

Recently, the fourth and probably the final season of Black Lightning aired on Netflix. Black Lightning season 4 is an American superhero show which has Cress Williams playing the lead role of Jefferson Pierce. The series gained popularity gradually after the first few setbacks. The story is quite intriguing and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

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5. Grace and Frankie

Fans of this show always wonder when is the new season of Grace and Frankie is going to air. Well, with the sixth season wrapped in 2018. Grace and Frankie season 7 is soon going to get released in 2021 or in the beginning of 2022. The comedy show became a great success among the masses after moderate critical reception for the first couple of seasons.

You must not forget to catch these shows on Netflix because of the quality in diversity they offer you. Before you go for the top 10 Netflix series, you should go for these top five Netflix series.

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