The Sims 4 Get to Work Active Careers Guide

Active careers

Get to work! Introduces active careers in The Sims 4, which are distinguished from regular Careers by the possibility of following your Sim in the workplace and beyond it is the player who has to manage the entire working day by interacting with objects and people and performing the required tasks.

In the choice of careers, the active ones are marked with a green suitcase icon next to the profession’s name.

To allow the player to also dedicate time to the other Sims in the household, at the beginning of each work shift the game asks if you want to follow the Sim or if you want to let them go alone. In the latter case, everything will work as in regular careers, i.e., the Sim will disappear for the entire working time and then return home at the end of the shift. However, since most of the promotion tasks must be done during the shift, choosing the second option will not allow the Sim to be promoted, even if the work performance may still increase.

The work assignments system is substantially equivalent to that of the objectives that appear during social events: at the top right are displayed the tasks that, if carried out, will fill the progress bar. Your job performance will increase more or less depending on how much the bar has been filled. As in regular careers, the Sim will be promoted if the promotion tasks shown in the career panel have been completed and if the job performance is at its peak.

Next to the progress bar is a stopwatch that indicates the time remaining before the end of the shift. By clicking on it, you can choose to leave your job early (resulting in a performance penalty) or stay late. In the second case, the end of the day will be postponed by two hours compared to the normal one.

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Warning: the progress bar shown at the top right of the screen does not correspond to work performance during work. The latter can be viewed, as for regular jobs, in the career panel.

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