Shock: An Interview with Actor Prashant

Prashanth‘s starer Shock is a remake of Ramgopal Varma’s Bhoot and is guaranteed to scare the viewers. In an exclusive interview, Prashanth speaks about his new film and future plans.

Actor: Prashanth

Have you have put on weight?
Yeah, I have. Happiness is the reason. I am extremely satisfied by the way Shock has shaped out and the film is ready for release.

What is Shock all about?
Shock is going to be a trendsetter in many ways. It is a thriller and it is after a long time that a movie in this genre is coming out in Tamil. It is a remake of Bhoot but trusts me those who saw the film say that we have an edge. Moreover, I learned a lot during the making of the film.

What are the highlights of Shock?
Fear is the key as people are going to get scared of seeing the film. It would just not be scary but entertaining. Some changes have been incorporated mainly in presentation and I don’t want to reveal it now. Why don’t you wait for a few more days (Smiles)? However, the major highlights are the cast – like Meena in a stunning performance, Suhasini, K.R.Vijaya, and others. The background music of Salim Sulaiman is a major highlight. My dad Thyagarajan has done an amazing job of art direction, script, costume design, producing and directing the film. He has also played the role done by Nana Patekar in the original.

How sure are you about the box-office performance of the film?
I am extremely confident about the film’s performance at the box-office. All aspects including the script to release strategy had been planned well in advance. In fact, it took us almost three months of planning before the actual shooting started. Hence it took us only 18 days for the shooting and now all the hard work shows in the film.

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Where does your career stand now?
Last four years have not been too good for me though films like Virumbugiren, Winner and Jai were appreciated but due to the delay in release and lack of good publicity they suffered at the box-office. And in some cases, I had to bail out my producers by spending money from my pocket. So now I have decided to do films only with our home production. We have six projects in the pipeline. I have decided to restructure my career.

What sort of restructuring are you doing?
As I told you, acting in your own home production has its own advantages. Right now we are doing Ayitham for that will be presented and marketed by us. This means the release schedules can be adhered to. This restructuring is sure to boost my career.

Is Shock aimed at the multiplex crowd?
No. Shock is for everyone including the audience in B and C stations. I wouldn’t call it an urban thriller as there is entertainment for all types of audience.

Have you graduated from the lover boy image that you had for a long time?
I have moved with time. I entered the industry when I was 17 and done different kinds of roles. And in Shock, I play a married man for the first time. In my next film Ayitham, I play a medical student from a middle-class background. It will be an action film.

Are you in love? What about your marriage after the release of Shock?
(Laughs) I wish I were in love. AfterShock it is Ayitham and then Arun Weds Harini, my next film. I have not found the right girl yet and my parents are also looking for a good girl. You don’t know when such things will happen.

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