What Advantage Does a Serverwala UAE VPS Have When Dealing with WordPress?

There are plenty of advantages to using the UAE VPS for WordPress. Every online business and enterprise or any dedicated blogger who wants a user-friendly platform should consider the VPS Hosting to run its WordPress website.

WordPress is undoubtedly the most common and popular platform over the web. Most users consider that WordPress is only for bloggers. But it’s not true. You can use it for various business purposes such as e-commerce, corporate intranet, and even large-scale online shopping.

If you want to know the premium advantages of UAE VPS Server by Serverwala for dealing with WordPress. Then, this guide is for you. Let’s get started!

What is a Serverwala UAE VPS, and how is it different from shared hosting?

A VPS, Virtual Private Server, is a type of web hosting somewhat similar to a dedicated server but at the Cheapest cost. This Virtual Private Server works on virtualization technology used to divide the large server into multiple sub-servers and allot private resources for individual sites. It is called virtual because of not having its own hardware. Instead, it shares the resources from a large VPS server. For example, consider the physical server as the whole bread with each bread slice serving as a single sub virtual server. Basically, sites hosted on a VPS enjoy the advantages of dedicated and available server resources without sharing them with their neighboring sites. It includes Dedicated Random Access Memory, Hard Disk Space, Bandwidth, and much more. Only CPU usage is common among all the websites.

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On the other hand, Shared Hosting, as per its name, shares its physical resources, including IP addresses, with all the websites hosted on the virtual server. In Shared Hosting, interruptions, downtime, network discontinuity, lack of security issues are the common types of problems that affect your neighboring sites beyond repair. Whereas, this will not happen in the case of a VPS Hosting in UAE. That’s why it is completely different from Shared hosting. Moreover, VPS has so many benefits rather than a Shared one that we have enlisted below. Check out to know what advantages you can employ only with VPS Hosting.

Serverwala UAE VPS Hosting Advantages for WordPress

As discussed earlier, every online business and blogger should switch from Shared to VPS in UAE hosting because of employing the exclusive advantages. This is because somewhere Services are also important rather than cost. So, here we compile all the excellent advantages of VPS for WordPress websites.


-Better Security

Nowadays, security is one of the most important factors for online businesses. For sure, you won’t let your website be compromised at any cost. Whereas, a Shared Hosting, shares its resources and configurations with neighbouring sites that let the hackers and bots to find out the network failure loopholes and penetrate it. Additionally, the fact that multiple sites on the same server using similar services are more vulnerable to viruses and malware. Therefore, Best VPS UAE from Serverwala is a highly secured option for your WordPress website. It gives you high-end security, including DDoS protection, Malware Scans & Removals, End to End Data Encryption, and much more security patches that keep your data highly protected from such unauthorized attacks.

-Greater Performance

Having a super fast and high-performing website is not only suitable for delivering a better user experience. But also helps to boost your SEO efforts and ranking purposes. In a Shared Environment, you share all your website resources with other websites that affect your site performance and speed. It creates so many problems for your website such as slow loading speed and user experience. Thus, a VPS Server in UAE is best for your WordPress site because of giving you optimized performance and 20X faster server speed.

-More Flexibility

Flexibility is the crucial factor that you may also need and best for those who run their dynamic blog, an e-commerce store, or any other online website. This is because you may need to install some applications and software on your server to deliver a better user experience. That’s the thing you can’t expect with the Shared Hosting. Therefore, a VPS Environment gives you better control over your server with private resources that gives you higher flexibility to install any applications whenever you want as per your website requirements.

-Root Level Control

Server control is crucial for both types of VPS hosting, whether it’s a Managed VPS Hosting or an Unmanaged one to make server configurations. Therefore, VPS Hosting gives you complete root level control. So, you can make any configurations and modifications with your server. Also, you can install any applications, monitor server activities, and perform various security operations easily by having server control with VPS.

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-More Uptime with Zero Downtime

This single factor is itself enough to justify the need to switch on UAE VPS Hosting from a shared server. It is obvious that you want your site to always remain up and never undergo downtime or experience any sluggish performance, even in the situation when your nearby sites are getting higher traffic. However, a VPS Server UAE, assure you much more uptime than a shared server and are glad to offer you 99.99% guaranteed uptime, considered an excellent uptime percentage in the web hosting industry.

Besides knowing the important VPS Hosting advantages over shared for your WordPress Website, you need to know some crucial facts before switching to UAE Based VPS Hosting from shared hosting.

What should you know before moving from Shared to VPS hosting UAE?

So, finally, you have decided to migrate your hosting from Shared to UAE VPS, then what are the needed approaches you should follow? Let see the below mentioned list that you may need to know before making a switch. 

#1. Find a Suitable Hosting Provider

Not all web host providers are the same and offer similar services. They provide different services, packages, hosting prices, and customer support. A budget constraint is not a single factor to consider, including server uptime, customer support, customer reviews, and money return policy for long-term business stability. Therefore, look for a reliable web host like Serverwala that gives you all these reliable services and exclusive advantages when you are dealing with your WordPress Websites. 

#2. Migration Services

If you want to migrate your website to a VPS in UAE hosting but don’t want to experience any loss due to server downtime or any technical issues, what’s the best option for you? Choose a reliable Cheap VPS Hosting UAE provider that offers free migrations and ensures not to let your site down and also do easy migrations for you.

#3. Managed VPS

If you don’t have sufficient technical knowledge and get fed up with keeping your eyes on server maintenance, choose the Managed VPS Hosting. So, your web host provider will take care of every hosting aspect, from technical things, server monitoring, maintenance, upgrades to its data security. Also, you get user-friendly control panel options to manage your hosting.

On the other hand, Unmanaged VPS is appropriate for more technical users and customers who have an excellent command line over server setups and its management.

After knowing these major factors, you may be able to make a wise decision for dealing with your WordPress website. So, it’s time to discuss the important thing, i.e., web host provider from where you buy the Cheap VPS UAE Hosting. Let’s consider Serverwala and check if this is appropriate for you.

Why is Serverwala’s VPS Server the Best in UAE?

Serverwala Cloud Data Center is a well renowned and leading web hosting provider in UAE. With the successful inauguration of a company in 2015, it has served thousands of users and customers globally. It has made more than 10,000 happy customers from its world-class and high-level services. So, the users can rely on Serverwala hosting services. These hosting includes, Shared, VPS Server, Dedicated Server, Colocation Server, and Cluster Server. All these servers come with a broad range of advantages and different technology with slight differences in their pricing. So, you can easily choose the appropriate one that meets your WordPress website requirements. Moreover, the company provides you 24*7 customer support with instant troubleshooting solutions by experts.

Here we compile some principal features that Servewala provides with UAE VPS Hosting to let you deal with WordPress.

  1. The company lets you choose the Operating System to run your website smoothly on a user-friendly platform such as Windows and Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, and Centos).
  2. You can choose the control panel from Plesk Panel to Cpanel to employ exclusive benefits of a broad range of options.
  3. UAE VPS Hosting gives you Enterprise-grade hardware that boosts your website speed and performance.
  4. The company ensures the high availability of resources with each VPS hosting package.
  5. You can have better uptime to keep your website always up on the SERP page.
  6. You can manage and monitor your server through the Resources Monitoring Dashboard with the UAE VPS Hosting.
  7. Easy Customization so you can customize your website resources and services as per your website requirements and needs.
  8. Install any custom applications on your website as you get the flexibility to install a number of OS-compatible software and apps.
  9. You can have high-end data security like SSL certificate, Cyber Securities like DDoS protection, and much more to protect your website data from outside attacks.

Customer Reviews

Reviews are the primary aspect that lets you know about the web host’s actual presence, services, and support. Therefore, before choosing the web host for your website, do not forget to go through its customer reviews. That’s why here we show you some Serverwala’s best customer reviews on the top review sites.

In a Nutshell

If you decided to move your website on VPS Server from shared hosting and thinking about which plans you should opt for with a managed one or an Unmanaged one, then no worry at all. You need a reliable, high-performing, speedy, highest uptime Managed UAE VPS Hosting platform by Serverwala to deal with WordPress Websites. This platform provides you an array of advantages with exclusive 24*7 customer support via Live Chat, WhatsApp, Email, etc.

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