Recently, technology has become so advanced that you can use various mental health apps on your mobile phone and get rid of mental health issues. This may sound like a joke but it has now become possible to combat disorders like obsessive-compulsive disorder, PTSD, anxiety, eating disorders, depression, etc.

These apps serve the purpose of mental well-being and are therefore either free or low in cost. You can find a variety of apps once you start searching for them. Mental health apps are known to prove beneficial due to their therapy modes that are proven clinically. If you don’t have the time or money to further solve mental health needs or simply want some extra help, check out the mental health applications below for a healthier feeling.


In cases where help for family and friends is essential to your welfare, if you are dealing with anxiety, depression, or any other mental health problem, please go now to the NotOK app, developed by a struggling teen. In your “trustful circle” in the application, you add the contact information of your nearest friends and relatives. And then all you have to do is touch the “notOK” button if you feel like you need support. It’s a panic button that sends a message to your circle. Your circle will reach and support you in this way.

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What’s up

One of the best mental well-being applications that use therapy modes like Acceptance Commitment Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that help you deal with anxiety, depression, stress, anger issues, etc. An integrated notebook, with the ability to assess feelings on a scale-out of 10.

Quit That! – Habit Tracker

Bad habits like smoking, drinking, drugs can be tracked using this free app. It helps get rid of these habits by keeping track which helps to monitor the time since you quit that habit.


MindShift is an application designed to provide young people who have anxiety and depression. It provides information about common causes and signs of concern, fear, and distress, and it contains a guide to help users identify the forms of anxiety that they most often experience. It develops individualized management strategies for common anxiety-causing scenarios. Motivational quotations are also available to inspire the customer.


For people with bipolar disorder, eMoods is a tracker of moods. The app lets you monitor depression, signs of psychotics, irritableness, and an elevated mood throughout the day, with an estimate of each intensity. Your feedback is summarised on a monthly calendar in color code, which gives a simple snapshot of changes in mood.


Lifesum is the best app globally, so it covers any part of a balanced lifestyle so that you can understand how your diet fits with those activities to better help you achieve your wellness and wellness objectives. You may also insert your own personally identifiable information to enable Lifesum and create a “Life Score” to obtain a customized health chart.

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