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Oliver Masucci is a German actor who was born on 6th December 1968. He was born in Stuttgart, Germany.

Oliver has worked in many German movies. He is one of the famous celebrities in Germany. In this post, I am going to tell you everything about this German actor.

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Early Life & Career:

His mother is German while his father is Italian. He was raised in Bonn, a city in western Germany, straddling the Rhine River.

His parents were involved in the restaurants business. They run several restaurants in Bonn.

He is widely famous for his role as Adolf Hitler in the movie ‘Look Who’s Back’.

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Oliver Masucci Movies:

An actor is always known for his tremendous acting. Oliver Masucci is one such actor who gave many blockbuster hits in his lifetime, and he is continuously doing it. I am going to summarize all the movies he has done until now. Hers is the list:

Andy: It was the debut movie of Oliver. The name of the movie is named after his character in the film i.e., Andy. It was a drama movie that was released on 2nd November 1992. Ralph Bohn was the director of the film.

Schwarz Greift Ein: It is a German television series that aired on television in between 1994-99. It was a crime and drama series that has three seasons and 41 episodes in total. Oliver played the role of Ricky Ohlsen in the 11th episode of the third season. This episode was titled Schlag auf Schlag and it was aired on 21st July 1999.

The Manns – Novel of a Century: It was a German drama TV series that was aired in 2001. This mini-series has three episodes in total. Mr. Masucci played the character of ‘Lohengrin’ in the very first episode of the series. The name of the episode was ‘Teil 1’. It was telecasted on 5th December 2001.

Madrid: Oliver played the character named ‘Karl’ in the movie. It was released in 2002.

The Red Jacket: The Red Jacket was a German short film released in 2002. Oliver Masucci played the role of Bayerischer Soldat in the movie. German audience appreciated the film.

The Blood of the Templars: This film was released in 2004, and it was filled with mystery and thriller. Oliver played the character of Ares de Saintclair in the movie. Florian Baxmeyer directed the film.

Cologne P.D.- Cologne P.D. was a German crime series that has 367 episodes in total. The first episode was broadcasted in 2003. Oliver appeared in the second episode of season 3 titled ‘Santa Mortale’. It was aired on 27th December 2005. He played the character of Daniel Rosi in the serial.

SK Kölsch:  It was a television series that were broadcasted from 1999 to 2006. The series has 81 episodes and seven seasons in total. Oliver gets the chance to appear in the episode named ‘Der Fan’ as Johann Hinkel. This episode was the first episode of the seventh season, and it was aired on 11th April 2005.

Crocodile Alert: Oliver Masucci played the role of Killiak in the movie. It is a comedy movie that was released in 23rd March 2006. Simon X. Rost directed it.

Volcano: Volcano (Vulkan) is an action and drama film that was released on 18th October 2009. Oliver played the character of ‘Gernot’ in the movie. Uwe Janson directs this film. As the name indicates, this movie is about volcano eruption.

Was ihr Wollt: This film was released on 7th November 2011 with a comedy genre. Oliver played the character of Antonio in the film. Matthias Hartmann, Hannes Rossacher directed it.

Look Who’s Back: Oliver Masucci played the role of Adolf Hitler in the film. It was a comedy, drama, and fantasy movie that was released on 8th October 2015. The part of Adolf Hitler gave new fame to Oliver. The audience appreciated his role in the film.

Berlin One: Oliver played the role of Viktor Parkov in the film. It was a TV movie released on 1st December 2015.

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Die Vierte Gewalt: ‘Tobias Weishaupt’ was the name of the character that Oliver played. This film was released on 26th August 2016. It is a crime thriller and Brigitte Bertele directed the movie.

Tatort: Oliver played ‘Luan Berisha’ in this TV series. This series was released in the year 2016.

Winnetou & Old Shatterhand: It is a German Television film released in 2016. The actor was in the role of Ugly Joe in the movie. Philipp Stölzl directed Winnetou & Old Shatterhand.

4 Blocks: It is a German drama series. He played a character of Hagen Kutscha in the drama series. It has three seasons and 14 episodes in total. The first episode was aired in 2017. Oliver has worked in the ten episodes of the series.

Dark: Dark is a German science fiction TV series. It has three seasons and 19 episodes in total. Olive worked in 13 episodes as Ulrich Nielsen as these episodes were aired from 2017 to 2019.

Dengler: Dangler was a German thriller television series. Dengler was released in 2015 and it has five episodes in total. Oliver Masucci appeared in a single episode of Dangler as Der Doctor.

Spielmacher: Spielmacher is a drama series release in 12th April 2018. Oliver Masucci performed the role of Dejans in the series.

Herrliche Zeiten (Subs): It is a German comedy and drama film released on 3rd May 2018. Oliver performed the role of Claus Müller-Todt in the movie. Oskar Roehler is the director of the movie.

Never Look Away: Never look away is a German romantic film directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. Professor Antonius van Verten was the character of Masucci in the movie. People really liked the role of Oliver in the movie.

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