Does a Heat Pump Cool Your Home?

Can you use a heat pump to cool your home in the summer? Definitely, YES!

It may sound like a heating source, but a heat pump does actually help cool your space. If you are one of the homeowners who believe that heat pumps can’t be used for cooling, then call your air conditioning company in Longview, TX to clarify.

For the meantime, keep reading to know what a heat pump does.

How Does Heat Pumps Work in the Summer?

While heat pumps work perfectly in the winter season, it also provides efficient cooling in the summer when running in reverse. It will find the heat in the surface of your home, absorb it, and release outside, leaving you a comfortably cool indoor space.  

The unit is not concerned with the level of heat outside, but with the heat that it sensed inside. It doesn’t generate cool air or need cold air to operate. It simply reduces the existing heat inside your home and keeps the temperature low and comfortable.

Are Heat Pumps Efficient?

When it comes to cooling cost, heat pumps also work the same with standard air conditioners. With proper maintenance from your air conditioning company in Longview, TX, the system can work as efficient as central A/Cs, providing optimum cooling in your home without the added cost.

Heat pumps with 13 SEER, for instance, can consume the same amount of energy as the standard A/C with an equal rating.

What are the Benefits of Using a Heat Pump?

Using a heat pump in your home can offer multiple benefits.

First, you will only use the same system to cool and heat your home in winter and summer. No need to install a separate heating and cooling unit for each season as long as your heat pump has enough power to keep you comfortable.

Second, heat pumps let you save up to 40% of energy when it is in heating mode.

Third, most modern heat pumps are designed with high-efficiency rating, allowing you to save on your monthly and annual energy costs.

Lastly, heat pumps don’t directly use combustion to generate heat, meaning they don’t emit carbon in the air.

Heat pumps bring a lot of benefits both to your comfort and savings. Talk to your air conditioning company in Longview, TX to know more.

Does a Heat Pump Require Maintenance?

Just like other equipment you have at home, your heat pump also requires regular maintenance to operate in peak performance all year round. Some of the maintenance it needs includes inspection and cleaning of condenser coils, lubrication of moving parts, replacement of filters, and inspection of condensate pan and drain. You air conditioning company in Longview, TX should be able to discuss the other care tips your heat pumps needs.

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