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Please read guidelines thoroughly before submitting your name, credentials and relevant writing samples.

Ethical & Behavioral Guidelines:

  1. All content on Domshat must be entertaining, educating and inspiring.
  2. We believe in freedom of speech, but are completely against hate speech – please know the difference.
  3. Content should be based on facts. fact-checking is essential before publishing the content.
  4. Content should be unique and must not be plagiarised.
  5. The editorial team will have the final decision on your articles being approved for publication.
  6. You must maintain the highest standard of ethics and professional integrity, as we are only as good as the trust our readers have on us, thus please respect our reputation and credibility.
  7. All information must be accurate, honest and fair.
  8. Read and browse through our site and get a feel for the kind of content we believe in; be creative, engaging and thoughtful. 

Banned Categories:

– No hate speech – Any content, word, sentence, ideology, phrase, etc. that promotes hate or judgement, abuse and/or violence towards any groups based on race/ethnicity, gender/s*x, religion/culture, disability, age, profession, socioeconomic status, language, etc. are fully BANNED.

– No confidential information – Please avoid posting anything that puts others’ information at risk.

Content Guidelines:

Length: At least 500-1000 words and further lengths are welcomed.

Topics: We repeat, all content on Domshat must be entertaining, educating, and inspiring.

If you would like to write for Domshat, please email us [email protected]