Why Cyber Security is Important

We live in constant fear because our data is not in our hands. We are insecure about our data because of the persistent cyberattacks we hear all along. Is there a solution to it? Yes, Cyber Security is the way forward in battling these attacks persistently. A perfect eye-for-eye for all those Black Hat Hackers. Without further ado, let’s get straight into the article.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is the process of securing online spaces and digital platforms that millions are using every day from hackers. Cyber Security also helps in securing every user from a potential threat. In general, Cybersecurity is about ensuring the security of networks, servers, PCs, mobile devices, user accounts, and eventually data from a potential breach into wrong unauthorized hands.

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What is a Cyber-attack or Cyberthreat?

A Cyber-attack or a Cyberthreat is a danger of a data breach or an attack on a network, server, mobile device, PC, or user account to gain unauthorized access to view, share, download, or encrypt sensitive data. Cyberattacks may compromise the complete security and privacy of a company or an individual. Tackle all these cyberthreats by taking up and learning from Cyber Security online courses.

What are different types of Cyberattacks?

There are several types of threat that lingers around while we are online, and they are:

Social Engineering threat: A threat in which hackers gain direct access to your device by manipulating online accounts, email, or any other connections to make it look legit. They will look for a way to persuade you to click on the link to install software that gives them entry to your system without you even noticing. Phishing is a perfect example that generates a legit-looking email from a trustable source like your credit card company or a bank, etc., but in reality, it’s fake.

Malware: This must be the most common type of threat that you will ever come across. It is a malicious code that, which when installed in your device, gets access to trace your movements, like keystrokes, sensitive data, etc.

Ransomware Attacks: These types of attacks happen when a hacker hacks into your system or network and encrypts your data. Now hackers will demand a ransom to return your ownership of data. And will blackmail you that if you fail to meet their demands, they will publish the data for free on the open internet.

DDoS Attack: These attacks are on TCP/IP-based protocols to make your website crash with fake heavy traffic to strip your website from fulfilling legit requests and essential services.

There are many more kinds of threats that are emerging to compromise your security and privacy. 

Which data is at stake?

Your identity is at threat! Gadgets surround us, and each device tracks us. If we dont stay alert on these devices, we will be an easy target for hackers to access. There is a rising trend for Internet of Things (IoT) based devices. These devices are always with us, which tracks our health, mental state, location, the device we are using, remembers passwords, usernames, bank and credit card credentials, and associated information. Well, if these devices are compromised, you can guess which data is at stake. Protect your online space and make a contingency plan by taking up Cyber Security Training.

Who are behind these cyberattacks?

The individual who is behind these cyberattacks is called hackers. And more specifically, Black Hat Hackers, because there is a difference of approach between a Black Hat Hacker and a White Hat Hacker. A White Hat Hacker hacks into the system, server, or personal devices with permission to validate the security measures in place and their vulnerability. Whereas, Black Hat Hackers gain unauthorized access to sensitive information for personal or financial needs. There are also groups of these Black Hat Hackers that are involved in gaining unauthorized access. These groups can be terrorist groups, state-sponsored groups, and many other types of groups that may be behind every cyber-attack. 

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How can we stay safe from a possible Cyberthreat?

On a personal level, we must install antivirus software that acts as the 1st level of defense against unauthorized access. The next step is to stay vigilant while surfing online to avoid clicking on suspicious or dubious links. And if you can, always try to surf online after switching on your Virtual Private Network (VPN). It will encrypt your data to and fro to help you stay safe and prevent tracing you.

On the organizational front, it has to take the leading step to ensure Cyber Security. Ensure these following points:

  • Make employees aware of the various cyber threats and their implications. And also how to tackle them, like make them understand the difference between a fake and original link.
  • Follow strict passwords and usernames within the organizations and deploy tight security measures.
  • Make your Cybersecurity team stronger by deploying more White Hat Hackers, and make continuous testing a part of your company policy.
  • Develop a contingency plan for security breaches and a trap to prevent accessing sensitive information even in the case of a data breach.
  • Ensure backing up data at all times and regular software and system updates, etc.

Outlook of Cyber Security jobs

According to every major survey, Cyber Security jobs are on the rise and are being unfulfilled. Globally, some 3.5 million Cybersecurity jobs will stay vacant in 2021, according to The New York Times report. There is a talent crunch of qualified Cyber Security professionals across the globe. Cyber Security skills in Application Development Security and Cloud Security will grow by 164% and 115% in the next five years. According to PayScale.com, if you are a qualified Cyber Security professional, you can earn a mean average salary upwards of INR 7 Lakhs in India. Which may vary depending on your experience, skillsets, job location, the organization you are working for, etc.

Summing Up:

It is the right time to get into Cyber Security and make this world a safer place to live confidently.

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