Why Choose Certificate 3 Aged Care Adelaide For Your Career Booster?

The dynamic nature defines the medical industry; it never sleeps. With many opportunities from traditional to new, anyone with the zeal can find new career choices and opportunities in this diverse and growing field of practice.

What is certificate 3 in Aged care?

Certificate 3 in aged care Adelaide is a nationally recognized certificate provided by training institutes in Australia. Devised to train amateur level applicants, the certified training provides with the expertise and skills needed to provide the best care in residential aged care facilities, community care, or nursing homes to fragile aged people alone or disabled.

Every year, the Australian government allocates funding to aged care facilities and home care to help meet the increasing demand for care for the elderly. As the government is committed to keeping the elderly at home, there is an increasing demand for employees in this sector and many career opportunities.

The first step to avail the of new career opportunities or experience is to enrol yourself in a good training institute in Australia. Before you do so following is a guide to help you with the training course and its details.

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Course Details:

Certificate 3 aged care Adelaide provides students with a comprehensive approach to caring for the elderly. This Certificate course will provide individuals with a supportive environment to help them learn and develop as well as unique opportunities to develop the physiological, cognitive, and emotional skills associated with the social service area.

The course trains and prepares interested students with all the skills and expertise needed to work in the healthcare sector of elderly care, as well as to assist elderly people with unique and complicated needs.

The course also helps students organize and coordinate social and cultural activities, engage in administrative duties and carry out each task with expertise, help and assist the elderly residents with their everyday routines. Function effectively with older people, fulfill the needs and requirements of every individual, ensure the functioning of proper health, well-being, and personal care training are among the topics which are covered in the training period.

Like any medical training, the course allows students to practice under the supervision of nurses or other health practitioners and to work with them closely to care for the elderly and disabled to help them live more dignified lives.

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As the training needs to be completed in six months from enrolment, most premier training institutes provide a 10-week long course that combines theory and practical training for every student.

  • Course overview:

The Certificate for aged courses in Adelaide covers a broad range of topics, including offering customized service and support, personal care, psychosocial support especially special care for dementia patients, and exposure to the aged care industry, among many others.

Some good training institutes provide learners with additional research and personal growth in the following modules as part of their dedication to comprehensive training:

 • Study skills

 • Safe handling procedures

 • Introduction to Human Rights

 • Spiritual Intelligence

 • Ayurveda / Integrative Health and its Introduction

  • Units of Competency:

The whole certified training consists of a tidal of 14 units of competence in which 10 are core and 4 elective. The detailed overview for the 10 core units is as follows.

Support older person to maintain their Independence

Course code: CHCAC317A

This unit outlines the experience and skills that a worker would have to assist an elderly person in maintaining their independence with daily activities.

Provide support to meet personal care needs

Course code: CHCICS301B

This unit outlines the expertise and skills that staff needs to help or assist a client with their personal medical needs within the context of an individualized care support plan, as part of their assigned function and responsibilities.

Work effectively with older people

Course code: CHCAC318B

This unit outlines the expertise and experience that EVERY worker needs, to do work that shows an appreciation of the structure and profile of assisted living in the aged care sector, the home and community sector, and key challenges that older people face in the community.

Provide support to people living with Dementia

Course code: CHCAC319A

This unit explains the expertise and skills needed to serve dementia patients in several environments, such as family homes, group day settings, and residential care.

Support individual health and well-being

Course code: CHCICS303A

This unit outlines the expertise and skills that a worker must possess to maintain a client’s physical and emotional well-being.

Participate in the implementation of individualized plans

Course code: CHCICS302B

This unit outlines the expertise and skills needed to assist citizens in maintaining their quality of life per individualized plans.

Follow WHS safety protocols for directive care work

Course code: CHCWHS312A

This unit is primarily designed to address the safety aspects of work in the areas of aged care, domestic and community care, and disability support AND services. The unit’s main goal is to keep the worker, the people they’re supporting, and others secure.

Deliver care services using a palliative approach

Course code: CHCPA301B

Within a multidisciplinary approach, this unit defines the understanding, experience, skills, and values expected of a worker in contributing to the treatment of clients with a life-threatening illness and/or the usual aging process.

Recognize health body systems in a health care context

Course code: HLTAP301B

This unit of competency defines the basic anatomy and physiological information needed to recognize body systems and their components, as well as to recognize and refer to alterations associated with the proper functioning of the body.

Works effectively in the community sector

Course code: CHCCS411C

This unit defines the necessary skills to work efficiently with families, customers, employees, patients, contractors, and others in a group or service delivery environment to meet existing work requirements. There are four elective units as well:

  1. Apply first-aid: HLTAID003: This unit focuses on the cultural and linguistic knowledge that is needed for successful cooperation and interaction with people from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
  2. Work effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers: HLTHIR403B: This unit focuses on the cultural and linguistic knowledge that is needed for successful cooperation and interaction with people from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
  3. Work effectively in-home and community care: CHCDIS301C: This unit of competency defines the skills and expertise needed to work efficiently with families, customers, workers, patients, contractors, and others in community work or service delivery environments to meet existing work conditions.
  4. Work effectively with carers: CHCICS304B: This competency defines the abilities and experience needed to collaborate efficiently with other caregivers.

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Career Opportunities:

The Certificate III in Aged Care is also an excellent stepping stone to getting a Diploma in Nursing, which can lead to a position as a Registered Nurse in Australia. Apart from being a nurse, you can also work in the following areas:

  • Aged Care Worker
  • Personal Care Worker
  • Assistant in Nursing
  • Support Worker in Hospitals
  • Respite Worker
  • Community Care Worker

Either a student, woman wanting to restart their career, or just anyone can avail themselves the new opportunities in the medical and social service field by signing up for the aged care courses in adelaide. The short duration and holistic training experience make it an ideal option for those looking for decent jobs.

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