Which Wax Pens Last the Longest?

Unlike other types of vape pens, which come as either refillable or disposable, you can reload your wax pen at any time. Two main wax pens determine how long a wax pen lasts. They are the battery life and the build quality.

If a wax pen has a short battery life, your experience of using it is limited to a short time as a result of a dead battery. Although you can resolve this issue by simply recharging the battery, charging ports may not always be available. Thus you need a wax pen whose battery can last long enough.

Also, if the wax pen is constructed from weak materials, its life may be short as it can not even withstand an accidental drop from the top of a bench to a floor.

In that regard below are some of the wax pens that are known to last the longest. Besides, they are also known for their excellent performance.

1. Utilian 5.

The Utilian 5 wax pen features a massive 1500 mAh battery which is more than enough for any kind of wax pen user, even a heavy user. If you are a casual user you can go for weeks without recharging the Utilian 5.

In terms of manufacturing quality, the Utilian 5 is made terrifically with premium products. Its atomizer is made using black ceramic rods. Depending on the type of user that you are, this atomizer can last long enough. The atomizer’s lifespan is shorter for heavy users.

Furthermore, the Utilian 5 has four heat settings for customizing your hits. The lower settings will offer you a flavorful experience while the higher settings will get you the most smoke.

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2. Dr. Dabber Stella.

Dr. Dabber’s Stella wax pen features a 600 mAh battery which can last for a good amount of time before requiring a recharge. This battery is also compatible with pass-through charging which allows you to charge the wax pen while using it. As long as you are near an active charging port you don’t have to worry about how long a wax pen’s battery can last.

The Stella wax pen has a black stainless steel shell which is tough and strong. It can withstand several drops and still leave the wax pen intact and functional.

Moreover, Stella has three distinct voltage settings that will get the job done for any purpose or intent. It features a “Cyclone Airflow” that allows for enough air to get into the bowl. Consequently, it produces a wide-open draw. The draws you get from the wax pen’s high-quality ceramic coil are very flavorful.

3. Linx Blaze.

The Linx Blaze wax pen comes with a 900 mAh battery that will keep you satisfied. It features a stainless finish which not only enhances its aesthetics but also its durability.

Concerning performance and user experience, the Linx Blaze features 4 temperature settings that enable you to dial in your perfect hit. The vapor you get out of the Linx Blaze’s full quartz in-laid atomizer is pure with more focus on the flavor than the clouds. This atomizer provides even heating and can last for an adequate amount of time depending on how often you use the wax pen.

4. Kandypens Crystal 2.

The Crystal 2 wax pen from Kandypens features a powerful 1200 mAh sub-ohm battery. This battery has more than enough life, when fully charged, to support your vaping sessions. It features four variable voltage settings from which you can choose the one that suits your needs the most.

The whole construction of the Crystal glass is medical grade meaning that it is very safe (the wax pen does not release harmful toxins into the vapor you inhale).  Also, the wax vaporizers are electro-plated with stainless steel which gives it an elegant look and more durability.

Kandypens Crystal 2’s all quartz crystal glass atomizer delivers magical hits. If you use it decently, it can serve you long enough before you replace it.

5. Yocan Magneto.

Yocan Magneto wax pen comes with an ego-style 510 threaded 1100 mAh. If you fully charge this battery you get longer life than you can get in most wax pens.

The Magneto appears well constructed. It incorporates strong magnetic connections between the lid of the atomizer and the mouthpiece.


Wax pens are a convenient, fast, and safe way to get the most out of your wax concentrates. If you worry about obtaining a wax pen that will not last long, you now know some of the brands you should go for.

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