Where do People Use Synthetic Grass?

Synthetic grass is rapidly replacing natural grass for Australian households in recent years. One impressive thing about artificial grass is that you get the look and feel of natural grass without worrying about brown and bare spots during the summer. Plus with synthetic grass, you don’t need to worry about expensive costs to maintain your lawn as with natural grass. You wouldn’t need to mow, weed, edge, water, or fertilize to maintain a beautiful lawn.

Because of these benefits, it’s no surprise that many homeowners are opting for artificial turf. If you’re thinking of installing this grass, you might be wondering what is the best place to do that. Here are a few common places where you can place your artificial grass.

1. Backyard Sports Fields

If you have a backyard sports field like a cricket field or tennis court, you’ll appreciate having artificial grass. Not only does it level the field, but it also reduces the risk of a person tripping. Plus, it doesn’t get muddy when it rains, and you can easily clean it and play your game as soon as the rain stops. Because there are no divots and mounds in the grass, your ball will easily flow on the grass, allowing you to practice your skills.

2. Walkways

Most people use synthetic turf along with paving stones in walkways. As it can withstand heavy foot traffic, it makes it suitable for walkways that lead to play areas, outdoors, swimming pools, or gardens. If you love the green look that natural grass offers, but want something that is long-lasting and needs low maintenance, artificial grass can be an ideal solution for you.

3. Hillsides

Trudging up and down a hillside to remove weeds, prune trees, or care for plants isn’t fun. It’s why you should consider options that don’t need high maintenance when landscaping a hillside. Artificial grass is among those options and is time-saving and convenient for most people. Although it needs to be raked and sprayed down occasionally to ensure that it stays clean, this grass is generally cheaper to maintain compared to other ground cover options. Plus, as it helps control soil erosion, it makes it a suitable landscaping option for hillsides.

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4. Play Areas

Installing artificial grass in play areas ensures the safety of players. It offers a level surface that has fewer tripping/falling hazards. Note that with natural grass, mud and ruts tend to present whenever it rains.

Your children or pets can bring the mud and grass inside the house. Thankfully, this is a non-issue with artificial grass. If your pets will use this area as washrooms, you can simply rinse their waste off or use vinegar and water to kill germs. Also, because this grass can get hot, consider using shade sails or installing it under a tree to reduce sunlight from heating the space.

5. Dog Runs

Fake grass for dog runs is growing popular as days go by. That’s because it offers a soft surface where dogs can play and lounge without getting the dreaded brown spots from where they urinate. However, note that artificial grass gets hot in direct sunlight or hotter days.

Therefore, we recommend building your dog run under a shade or tree to prevent this. Also, don’t forget to add shade sails to shade your dog and the grass. You can as well install a roof above to cover your pet from the sun and rain.

6. Pool Decks

Although grass is a beautiful landscaping material around the pool, homeowners are often worried about dirt getting into the pool with natural grass. Plus, pool chemicals can also kill this grass, and you can easily pick it and drag it into the house with your wet feet. Thankfully, artificial grass presents a perfect alternative. It excludes all these issues, not to mention that it requires low maintenance.

7. Front Yard Lawns

It’s where you’ll mostly found fake grass on a residential property. Although the front lawn isn’t used for playing or as pet areas as with back lawns, a beautiful front lawn is still paramount. One way you can make your front yard look good is by installing synthetic grass. It will make your yard look green without requiring much effort to maintain. You’ll never worry about mowing, fertilizing, watering, or edging or seeding with synthetic turf.

8. Outdoor Entertaining Areas

Synthetic grass is durable and beautiful, which makes it perfect for outdoor entertaining areas. You’ll never need to mow this grass or invest in an irrigation system. As such, you can have a beautiful green lawn that offers a foundation and focal point for your entertaining events outside the house. You can sit here for an afternoon tea party, a movie night, a barbeque, etc.

9. Backyard Lawns

Homeowners should ensure that their backyard is at its best. Backyards serve several functions. For instance, they can be used as play areas for your children and pets. Your dogs can also use it as a restroom, and you can hang out with your friend here.

As such, this yard needs to look extra good. It’s why many homeowners opt for fake turf. Apart from making a home look beautiful, it requires less maintenance and can withstand heavy foot traffic from pets, children, and guests.

10. Backyard Putting Greens

Artificial grass is often installed in backyard putting greens on both residential and commercial properties. It is easy to care for and offers an even surface where you can place some practice swings. Also, after it rains, you don’t have to wait for the soil to dry or worry about taking mud or grass inside the house. Additionally, using this turf allows individuals to place their putting green anywhere they have space, for instance, they can place it in a side yard that receives less sunlight or under a tree.

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