Everyone say cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties. On a given day, a minnow can beat the best in the world, but on the other days, they can just steamroll opponents. Similarly, a team can either win by a close margin (such as by one run, by one wicket, off last ball) or with complete domination. These are the reasons which make the game so enticing. And this is the reason which make cricket betting so exiting. The popularity of the online cricket betting is increasing day by day as the sport keeps evolving.

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In this aspect, we are giving you some free cricket betting tips which will help you in cricket match prediction and successful cricket betting:

  • Keep yourself updated about teams and rankings: Even though you may claim that you are an expert on matters related to cricket, but it is still important to keep yourself updated about the latest developments with regards to team form and rankings. These factors can help you in cricket betting and make your decision on which teams or players you should bet on. At the same time, it should not always rely on ranking and form, you should be judicious in making cricket match prediction. This is one of the most important cricket betting tips.
  • Why not bet on both sides? Every match has a favorite between the two teams but one can never really accurately predict an outcome of a match. Team fortunes can swing multiple times in a 50-over or 20-over contest, sometimes the result is decided at a very close contest. In such a case, betting on both sides taking part in a cricket match is the safer option. If the weaker team goes on to win, you stand to gain a significantly greater amount, depending on the odds.
  • Keep an eye on the weather:  This is a hugely important cricket betting tips for cricket betters, a factor like weather makes online cricket betting more difficult, especially for newcomers. You should have knowledge of the match day’s weather forecast before deciding to put your money. The bad weather can create a huge impact on the match, so be aware of the weather before a cricket match prediction.
  • Know the history of grounds and pitches: This is another crucial cricket betting tips or Joker for placing a successful cricket bet. The different ground has different pitch conditions which creates a great impact on the match. The teams decide their batting or bowling after seeing the pitch condition, so it is equally important for the cricket betters to know the condition of the pitch to decide a successful bet on a team.
  • Pre-game research: You should always research a team before the match. Do you know Australia has not lost a Test Match at the Gabba since 1988? Or Steve Smith holds the record for having hit four consecutive fifties in World Cup knockout matches, all this information will help you to place a confirmed bet on a specific team or a specific player in a specific venue or a specific form of tournament.


While one can never accurately predict the outcome of a match, so these tips should definitely help you in your journey of becoming a pro cricket better.

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