The High Hat Looks for Men with the Superior Fashion Taste

You don’t have to look for anything else than a topper for men if you wish to build an elegant and commanding look. The flat crowns and wide brims were all over in the streets and weddings once. In the past, these were famous as beavers because they used beaver’s fur that allowed them to maintain their shape in wet conditions. It was an affordable option too. When beavers became extinct in Europe, America stepped in and grabbed the market. From Uncle Sam to television shows, these hats appeared almost everywhere.

There was a time when people started associating these pieces of high-end dressing with magicians and funny shows. Still, no one could forget the charm of top hatswhen these made a common sight at work, recreation, and back-tie events. People wore light shades in the day and kept black and darker tones for the evening functions. And those used to be in silk and felt material. The modern hats are leather. But you can get various styles in them. Here is a quick look into some of them.

The unusual top hat looks for men

Steampunk-style top hat

Are you a steampunk enthusiast? If you know the nitty-gritty of this genre and enjoy getting ready as steampunk, you cannot avoid this style. It brings you a mixed sense of the 19th century’s Industrial Revolution and the Victorian era’s romanticism. That way, it can appear both eclectic and complicated. And the best thing is you can accessorize its look with any suitable decoration. However, if you don’t want to make any additional effort, you can buy something with a unique beveled hatband or lace. The latter one can remind you of the Victorian age for their resemblance with the corsets. In this type, you also get a hat with the arrow-collared band. You can rock this look in the town or at a party without any doubt.

Mesh top hat

You cannot overlook comfort for style or style for comfort. If you are an outdoor person, your priorities for hat selection can be durability and performance. After all, you can be planning to go on your next fishing or hunting venture. Or, it can just be a peaceful nature walk. No matter the purpose, the mesh toppers with small holes can provide sufficient breathability, protection, and of course, a stylish look.

Tricorne top hat

It is a three-cornered hat with a brim upturned on two sides and a point extending in front, giving it a triangle shape. Whether you cruise the water or prepare for goofy fun at home, you can put it on your head and flaunt it.

Things to consider while shopping for a top hat

It is a general rule that your hat should fit you comfortably and smoothly. It shouldn’t be too tight or loose. One of the critical factors in this can be finding the correct size. To ensure you pick the proper one, you can measure your head and look at the online product chart at the store for a specific variety. Another critical consideration is comfort. Hats can cause frizzy hair. To avoid this, you need to pay attention to its interiors. Choose something that comes with moisture-absorbing material. Also, it should not irritate your skin. A top hat with sweatbands can also be a good buy. Its moisture-wicking ability and breathability can keep your head dry.

Apart from this, your focus can be style. Well, these hats have no shortage of designs and details. You also get many colors, though traditional shades are still most successful. But to try a new look, you can select an airbrushed and laser engraved hat. Or, you can get a stoker top hat with a feather tucked in one corner for tapping into a retro look with a touch of sophistication. From fancy dress to steampunk to black-tie events, you can rely on this to jazz up your fashion. In this context, it would help to know that low-height crowns make a perfect choice if you wish to build a humble stylish look.

Choosing a hat is a personal affair. The varieties have been fascinating since the time these came into use. The reason for using one may have changed. However, it is no less than a joy to own one. The top hat looks on men can be incomparable. They can fulfill all your fashion goals with their high to low crowns by aligning with your interest. Hence, you don’t have to hesitate about getting one. Still, the quality of the hat is everything. That’s why it is necessary to buy it from a reliable store. Read all the details and pick the correct size. Select your outfits, match the accessories, and leave for the occasion! Once you take care of basic things, you don’t have to do anything else.

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