Perfect Meal Options for a Romantic Date Night

When you love someone, you plan different things altogether. It may be their birthday or date nights; you might have to join friends in the club or want to have a house party.  But you always like to plan a perfect day with your lover. In this hectic schedule, you do not get much time to spend together. So, every moment that you spend should be worth cherishing any day.

So, if you plan a romantic date night with beau, you must be planning every bit of it. From an excellent restaurant to what outfits you will carry or if at home then what meals to cook or from where to get Bakingo’s online cake delivery in Chennai or how to decorate the place, everything that is related and you think would suit a date night perfectly. Mostly, it is not the outfit that we get confused about, but it is the meal, a perfect meal that we aren’t able to figure out.

Here we have some meal options that you would love to add to make your date night super fabulous and perfect. The meal should be something that both parties like and do not include much hand stuff because you do not want to spoil your nail paint or ruin your perfect date. So, we have catered some delicious meal options that would help you to have a sorted mind on the date night. So, let us scroll through what we think would be of use…

Choco Coffee Shot

Let’s start with a lip-smacking drink that would bring the romance back to life. This is one of the most amazing drinks to start your night with. When you do not want alcohol to be a part of it, you can surely go for it. The chocolate sorted with the coffee can be used in shot glasses, and you can anytime add your favourite sprinkles to each shot or something unique that you would want.

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Seafood Paella

If you and your partner are both seafood lovers, then this is a complete meal like biryani to go for. This Spanish biryani has a smooth yet strong taste that satiates the taste buds of anyone who eats it for the first time. Take your favourite seafood and infuse it with rice grains and cook it like biryani. With the strong taste of saffron, and by the end, the crunchiness of Socarrat (rice) will leave your loved one in awe.

Chicken Wings (Air Fried)

Now you must be thinking that you would need to use your hand to eat it. Correct, but it won’t mess up because of no gravy or something liquid present in it. Undoubtedly you can use a fork and knife if you like it that way. Marinated chicken wings are air fried, and the aroma of coriander sprinkled on them tastes heavenly. It is a perfect meal to have on a date night; you can include a movie as well.

Penne with Cheesy Pesto Sauce

There are two ways you can go for this delicious delight. Either cook penne in a creamy white sauce with cheese, olives, broccoli, bell pepper and mushrooms, or you can cook penne in a cheesy pesto sauce with cherry tomatoes. Both the dishes would compliment your date night and would be really flavourful dishes to add.

Choco Coated Strawberries with Sea Salt

It sounds like a good, romantic dessert that you would love to offer, isn’t it? Choco and strawberries perfectly complement each other in terms of flavour, taste, texture and both are aphrodisiacs. So, you can add this to your romantic date night with a sprinkle of sea salt at it. This is a staple food to fill in the romance between the two.

We hope these perfect combos help you to arrange your date night in an ideal way. Add these meals and make your lover feel good about it. Because date nights do not come daily, it is one occasion on some good days that you get to spend together with your beau. So, spend it wisely. We hope we were able to help you with it.

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