Instagram Clone APP – Connect People & Get Engagements!!

Omninos Solutions is an Instagram App development company in Mohali, Chandigarh that Provides the best App Development services. Instagram Clone is a social media Solution that is available for sharing pictures, videos, stories, etc. It is an excellent option for businesses looking for long-term investment into the social media app market in the near future.

It is basically a platform that helps to connect people in such a way that its content gets more engagements and as result, the user can get to know more about their known one’s social life. In simple language, this type of platform acts as a medium of passive conversation between users.

Apart from this, the user can even give a reaction to particular content posted on this platform, and even can write their response, which makes it unique and interactive. The Interactiveness feature makes it essential for the point of business especially in terms of ad revenue through brand endorsements and Adsense. In these terms, a social media platform like this can be beneficial for business. 

How an Instagram APP Clone can be beneficial for You in terms of Business?

As of now we know what is the call of action of Instagram and how it gets engagements, from now onwards we will learn how you can earn a good amount of profit from your open source Instagram application.

Since this application is designed in a way such that the user keeps using it and keeps on checking it again and again, especially the popup notification is also a big factor for keeping the user engaged. This means the user spends more time on this platform which will in result increase the bounce-back time and increase the reach of users. Since the platform gets more engagement, you can get more brand endorsements, more affiliations, more absences, and more advertisement requests.

Not even you can get your separate Open Source Instagram Clone, but you can integrate your existing application with Instagram like a social media platform as an optional extension. Which will eventually increase your user Intent searches but also increase your Application engagement time. You can Even opt for direct message sharing and media sharing options, which is a result can increase your SEO and ad revenue.

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Features of Omninos Instagram Clone Application!!

There are alot of features you will get in our product, which are not even unique but also the key traffic driving factors and will increase engagement time to get better business revenues:

  • Quick Sign-up/ login Access

Users can sign-up/login instantly with different email platforms with just a click allowing the access to use their app from their accounts with complete privacy and protection.

  • News Feed

Our Product comes with a feature where users can share Video, Music, Picture along with  writing content as a post, and users can regulate the privacy setting for their particular posted feed. The user can like, comment and send the particular post of their connections on the platform according to permission allowed to them.

  • Custom Profile

This product comes with custom profile management with custom profile picture upload, bio content integration, business profiles, etc where users can manage all of these in their profiles.

  • Live Streaming

This feature is basically a live video sharing feature where users can spectate, like, and comment on the particular ongoing stream and the user can get to know the number of spectators, likes, and comments.

  • Direct Message / Instant Chat

A real-time chat option is also available where the users can connect with each other via sending direct messages to each other. This increases the connectivity and the engagement of the user because the user gets the feeling of knowing the other connection in-person without actually meeting them in person.

  • Activity Log

The Activity Log contains details of the user’s overall activity, the posts they liked, the comments they posted on a particular post, and the post they share with their connections. Not even this the User can save particular posts which can have any type of media posts and that saved activity in the Activity Log.

  • Search Module/ Followers Log

It comes with the feature where users can search for people, places, trends, topics on current time popular. The user gets the follower request and can regulate whom they follow as a connection on this media platform.

  • Audio and Video Calling

The user can talk to their acquaintances via audio calling and video calling on this platform.

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Why do individuals consistently choose Omninos Solutions for making an innovative answer for their Online Digital Business?

  • 24×7 Tech Support 
  • Alter Your App on request with Your Need
  • Protected, Quality Software needs 
  • Efficient and Affordable Cost

To get ahead of the competition, you need to be ahead of the game. The sooner you get started on a Trusted and Efficient organization, the sooner you claim a difference. Contact the Development team at Omninos Solutions today and take your business at higher revenue and get more engagements.

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