How to Choose the Best Call Center Software Solution

It can be difficult to know which call center software options are the ideal fit for your company and which ones you can avoid with several options on the market. To reach its full potential, businesses require a phone system like a PBX, a VoIP phone system, also known as IP phones, and additional call center solutions software.

To help you make a more informed decision, we’ll explain how each call center software and its key benefits.

Types of call center software:

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The majority of call center software solutions fall into one of these categories. Depending on the functionality you require, you can narrow your search to find software solutions with your required features.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)


IVR is an automated telephone system that communicates with callers, collects data, and routes call to the responsible personnel.

Examples of ways an IVR system is used:

  • Routing calls in the office
  • Call forwarding from a call center
  • Searching for specific information

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Key benefits:

  • Save both time and money. IVR technology replaces humans in answering frequently asked questions or providing information that does not require critical thinking skills, like directions or working hours.
  • Improved customer satisfaction. By responding to a caller quickly, IVR eliminates on-hold and waiting time for callers.
  • 24/7 service. IVR operates without interruption and provides callers with information 24/7.

Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)


ACD is a telephony system that automatically receives incoming calls and routes them to the most qualified person. The primary goal of ACD is to assist a company in efficiently sorting and managing large volumes of calls.

Key benefits:

  • Smooth call routing. ACD improves a company’s productivity and efficiency by shortening call transfer times and routing calls to the most qualified individual based on the IVR system’s configuration.
  • Immediate response.ACD improves call response time and customer satisfaction by increasing call response and call handling time.
  • Resource optimization. Businesses can use their expertise to solve a customer’s problem on the first try with efficient incoming call routing. ACD collects usage data like the total number of calls, the amount of time spent waiting, and more, which is then used for reporting purposes. 

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)


CTI is the process of connecting a call center’s telephone systems to their business application to give businesses more control over call management. It connects all communication channels, including web-based, voice, email, and others.

Businesses don’t need a physical phone because they can use on-screen controls to perform telephony functions like answering and disconnecting calls, putting callers on hold, and more.

Key benefits:

  • Manage calls from their computer. Businesses can receive calls directly on their computers and use softphones to make outbound calls quickly and easily.
  • Know who they are talking to. With a screen pop with each call, businesses can get detailed information about the caller, like name, account history, and more. This allows businesses to greet customers by name and have quick access to relevant information, reduce call handling time, and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Route calls more efficiently and tracks results. Telephony, inbound and outbound calls, interactive voice response (IVR), skill-based routing, and more are integrated with a company’s database and business tools. This data aids businesses in evaluating their performance, improving their training, and resolving any potential disputes that may arise after the call has been made.

Call center monitoring

Call center monitoring

Data collection, analysis, and feedback are all part of the call center monitoring process. You collect data about your company’s performance and gain insight to help you make changes based on that information. 

Key benefits:

  • Improve customer experience. By improving the customer experience, you can cultivate customer satisfaction. Your customer service team’s presence on the phone directly correlates with customer satisfaction because it affects their experience dealing with your company, 
  • Reduce employee turnover. Employee turnover is costly in terms of resources spent on training them. You can tailor your training to your team’s needs by keeping track of their skills, strengths, and weaknesses.

Predictive dialer

Predictive dialer

Before a company’s customer service team is available, a predictive dialer place calls in queues. This is intended to boost customer service representatives’ efficiency by calling as many leads as possible and increasing sales.

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Key benefits:

  • Intelligent call assignment. The predictive dialer has access to all of the numbers you want your company to call today. You won’t have to worry about duplicate calls because as each call is finished, the number is removed from the lead sheet for that day.
  • Reduced operational costs. When a customer calls, they are placed in a queue. And when a member of your support team becomes available, the system moves the call from the queue to a live operator.

Call accounting

Call accounting

Call accounting is a database that keeps track of and reports on phone calls.

Key benefits:

  • Increases revenue. You can get information about numbers dialed, incoming call origins, call extensions, call duration, and more with this information system. This allows businesses to search and analyze phone usage data to reassign costs to specific departments. It can assist you in lowering your overall telecommunication costs.
  • Identify security threats. Monitoring and analyzing data on your phone system not only assists managers in expense tracking and reporting and helps protect your company from internal and external security threats. Call accounting alerts you to any network attacks or attempts and automates sales and financial performance tracking.

Getting the right call center software solution for your business is a big decision because it necessitates taking into account your current and future requirements.

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