How can You Control the PC on an Android Phone?

The computers and PCs have massively come to the use of mankind in the recent few years. Almost all the operations and activities of the businesses have switched to the online means for the sake of improved performance and excellence.

The most important discourse of the aspect is that everyone has benefited from this transformation in one way or the other. But there is another side of the story as well, a number of employers have growing concerns over the usage of PCs for taking up unproductive activities by the employees.

It is reported that a number of employees start using social media and internet over the course of their presence at workplace during working hours. These employees connect with their friends and family as well.

This trend seriously erodes the overall performance of the business enterprise as the employees don’t come up on time to submitting the assigned tasks, and it is a well-established truth that the performance of employee is the vital indicator of performance of the organization.

Moreover, the employees when use business systems carelessly and negligently, the business systems become more prone to cyber attacks.

The cyber criminals look to get into PCs of business enterprises and try to breach the security protocols and look to stealing confidential information of the business and try to get monetary and illegitimate benefits by stealing confidential business data as well.

This data is normally used for trend setting, trend identification, and advance selling purposes most commonly.

On the other side of the story, the parents and kids are also on the receiving end of having problems due to excessive usage of PCs by their kids.

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Kids use the computers for the accomplishment of academic activities, but during the course of this legitimate use, the kids are sometime get contacted by the cyber criminals who look to harass and bully the kids for having monetary benefits.

This sort of activities start when cyber criminals contact the kids and get into their close circle by pretending as their true friends. They try to know about the secrets of kids and then look to exploit the kids for illegitimate gains. The most common of them is that the criminals try to know about the financial credentials and information of the parents.

They use the financial information for gaining illegitimate monetary benefits. Thus, having all this discussion, the parents and employers look to find a strong mechanism that can monitor each and every bit of activity that is performing on the computers and PCs, so that they can secure the respective interests of the families and businesses.

The best solution in this aspect is the use of PC spy app, a fine pc spy app can record all the activities that are performing on the target device.

The best in this aspect these days is TheOneSpy. It has state of the art monitoring features that seek to record all the activities over the target computer or PC. The most promising offering of the pc spy app is that it can monitor all the activities from the android device, which means that if the employer or parent is using the android device, every activity gets cloned to the phone of the parent or employer.

The key features of the pc spy app are as follows.

Productivity and Unproductivity Tabs

The TheOneSpy pc spy app allows the employer to define productive and unproductive tabs for the employee. The app then generates a log of all the activities performed over these productive and unproductive tabs, thus providing a fair bit of insight into all the activities of the employees.

In this way, the employer can find out the employee spend their time during working hours.

Social Media Monitoring

All the problems that are related to kids are pretty much posed by social media. All the chats, images and videos shared, and other activities over social media apps can be monitored extensively by the parents, thus ensuring foolproof security of the kids in all aspects by all means.

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The PC of employees and kids can be monitored by employers and parents through android devices at the end user’s end. The best app in this aspect is TheOneSpy.

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