Gain a New Skill by Using VEED

We all see these free courses loitering around the screens we scroll through. It is evident especially during these times that people never want to stop learning. Crash courses are educational and helpful for anyone that you can easily enroll in.

But, this new video editor by VEED is something you can learn on your own. In fact, it is built to cater for the newbies. The students who need to pass a video project. A professor who needs a personalized video as their visual aid. A professional who needs to present a progress report other than using the old and basic PowerPoint. Content creators who solely need to have a video output on their social media pages. It is also beneficial for nonprofit organizations who want to support their website-based campaign by an inspirational or eye-catching video.

To simply put it, VEED is for anyone who is up to experimenting without the hassle of downloading a software or not knowing what tool to use. It is a web-based tool that is both applicable for MAC and Windows users preferably by letting it run through chrome. VEED’s online video editor is for business, educational, and professional use.

Now, let me give you a little tour slash tutorial on how to use VEED’s online video editor

1. Choose your video file

Before entering VEED’s website, put all your desired videos to edit in one folder for easy navigation once you need to import it to the editor. In this way, you only need to go back to that one folder. It is also suggestable to rename your videos in sequence. During the editing process, there’s most likely additional videos that we insert between each video as a transition clip. Even that must be laid out so that you can import all the videos at the same time. Importing videos can take time especially since it’s an online tool, it highly depends on your internet connection.

2. Make edits

Once your video files have been uploaded, you can start editing. The video editor has its tools on the left side of your screen. You can begin adjusting the size of your video whether you plan to upload it on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media accounts you have. There’s also a background color changer that can help you in constructing the theme or aesthetic you are going for. The duration of the video can also be adjusted based on your liking. One of the most important elements of video that is noticeable is the audio. You want to have a crispy audio with no background noise, with VEED, you can also edit that.

VEED’s online editor has multiple features you can maximize at your own desire. There are other tools such as:

  • Upload – Other than videos, you can also upload an image or an audio.
  • Add Subtitles – There are different ways to input subtitles and VEED has given you three options. You can manually put your subtitles. The online editor can auto transcribe your video and insert your subtitles. And lastly, you can upload a file of your own subtitle within the video editor.
  • Video Filters and Effects – These filters and effects will help you maintain a specific theme and aesthetic to your video. VEED already has a bunch of options you can choose from when editing your video.
  • Draw – You can also draw within your videos. It has a tool from which you can decide what brush stroke to use and change the color and opacity of your drawing.
  • Add Elements – Other than images, you can add stickers such as logos, emojis, and shapes.

3. Download

Lastly, when you’ve finished editing your video. You can proceed with exporting. You can find this in the upper right corner of your screen. From there you can choose your videos’ quality then click export.

It is advised that you watch your entire edited video before exporting. In this way, you can double check your edits and make sure it is how you want it. When you finally export your video, let it load, and you can pick whether to make it public or simply just download it to your desktop.

In summation, video editing is a skill that everyone is encouraged to try. This skill is not only used by creatives and that is because all of us want to create something that our market or our students would want to see for themselves. And videos are one of those contents that get a million views. That is just one reason to try out this tool. At the end of the day, it is your eagerness and motivation to learn that will allow you to see the reason.

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