DMCA Policy

All the information or content published on is for educational purposes only. We publish well researched original content on the website. Therefore, in any case, unintentionally we publish duplicate content, image or video from your website. Simply fill the below form with the proper detail of copied content.

We strictly follow the DMCA guidelines. We will immediately remove the duplicate content/images/videos or any other media from our website.

Steps to Inform Us about DMCA Infringement

  • We need the digital or physical signature of the content owner (Or any authorized person).
  • URL of copied content with complete information on copyrighted content.
  • Your official Full Name, Email address, Address to contact and any contact number (mobile or telephone number).
  • A complete statement is written by you or any authorized person who is sending the takedown notice, that the information given by you is 100% accurate. In addition to this, you are the owner of the content or you have the authority to act on the behalf of the copyrighted owner.

Please fill the form below. We will check your complaint and resolve the issue asap.

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