Dietician and Nutritionists Career and Job Information

In today’s time, Nutrition and dietetics courses have become one of the preferred choices of the students. There are two reasons behind it: its voluminous scope and versatile roles. Nutritionists and dieticians have to cater to the nutritional plus health needs of their clients. The wide array of career opportunities have made this a well-sought-after educational degree too. Hence, a lot of institutes have incorporated the related degrees. 

Nutritionists and dieticians have to cater to the nutritional plus health needs of their clients. To elaborate, they educate about healthy food habits and the right kind of lifestyle to maintain. Dieticians largely work on the food management part and the nutritionists educate on living a healthy life through the right food intake. The treatments can vary as per the needs and demands of the clients. As today, more and more people have bad eating habits, they face serious problems. Consequently, they have to turn to dieticians for help. In addition to that, even the best eateries, restaurants, and hotels around the world hire dieticians for maintaining food quality. This is the reason why some of the Best Hotel Management Colleges in India have included Nutrition courses. 

Furthermore, their job sphere is not limited to a single sector rather they have a multitude of options and domains to choose from. For your convenience, we have listed below various sectors which are on the lookout for nutritionists. 

Different sectors in which nutritionists and dieticians work include:

  • Multinational Corporations
  • Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Healthcare centers
  • Nursing homes
  • Government agencies
  • Hostels
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Fitness clubs
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants

These are the sectors, where dieticians usually work but with each sector, their roles and responsibilities change. Consequently, this implies that nutritionist jobs are also specific to the requirements. And today, we have multitudes of job profiles under the banner of nutritionists and dieticians. 

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Different profiles of nutritionists and dieticians

Based on the job roles, the profiles in which the candidates can work include the following:

  • Foodservice nutritionists Sports dieticians
  • Clinical dieticians
  • Public health nutritionists
  • Pediatric nutritionists
  • Consultant dieticians

Core responsibilities under different job profiles

Resting on the nature of the sector, one can easily understand the job responsibilities of the nutritionists and dieticians. Those responsibilities are explained hereafter:

  • Foodservice nutritionists: In the healthcare sector, there are dedicated food services departments. Since nutrition is an integral part of health, there is always a need for nutritionists or dieticians who can plan the diet schedule according to the patient’s condition. Food services nutritionists generally work in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics in the healthcare sector.

Furthermore, food service nutritionists can also be hired by hotels or restaurants to oversee their food operations from the nutritional values and health point of view. So, you might even come across some instances where the colleges offer academic programs such as B. Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics Course under Hotel Management Degrees.

  • Sports nutritionists: Sports and related activities play a very important role and a lot of inclination is happening towards this segment as well. It goes without saying that this sphere offers some of the most lucrative employment opportunities, one being for the nutritionists. 

Sports nutritionists have the roles of individual nutrition counseling, food service & diet chart planning, and educating the teams/individuals about nutrition intake. To sum it up, sports nutritionists provide a complete health guide to the sportspersons or teams.

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  • Clinical dieticians: Clinical nutritionists are limited to the healthcare sector only. They have the responsibility of developing diet plans for those who have suffered an illness or undergoing one so that their health can improve. 

Based on the health condition of the individuals, the job can either be short-term or long-term. It is usually for the patients having diabetes, kidney diseases, or heart diseases that the nutritionists have to work for a longer time. 

  • Public health dieticians: Unlike other nutritionists or dieticians, they have to focus on a larger group rather than on individuals and have to work for the improvement of public nutritional habits. 

Since their work sphere is much larger, they usually have to work in alliance with the respective agencies and formulate policies, regulations, and programs accordingly. 

  • Pediatric nutritionists: The role of a pediatric nutritionist encompasses the health and nutrition of children to form dietary plans according to the health of the child. Also, they have to give more thrust on  improvising the health of children with special needs which implies that they have to advise children and their parents about their eating habits. 


The roles and responsibilities of nutritionists are ample and versatile. Therefore, there are countless jobs across fields. Once a candidate has completed the pertinent degree, he or she is all set to work as a nutritionist. The only thing that should concern you here is to know how to become a dietician or nutritionist in India. After knowing the whole procedure, we suggest you start working towards your goal at the earliest. Good Luck!

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