Choosing the Best Itinerary to Desert Safari Dubai

Are you ready to cuddle up in the golden sand of desert safari? But wait, choosing the most suitable expedition according to your plan, availability, and most importantly budget is a crucial part in heading to explore the barren of Arabia. Dubai has desert safari as its extravagantly preserved golden asset that not only turns the visitors in awe but also opens the door for the tourists to explore the true colours of Arabian culture.

 Your first visit to a desert safari in Dubai going to be full of thrill, entertainment, and so mindful that this nomadic land will become your ultimate travel goal. From screaming over the roller coaster ride in an SUV to having a bird’s eye view through the hot air balloon ride, desert safari Dubai keeps unique sorcery in its vicinities which holds the power to bring you back again and again.

Now let’s get straight into the best possible ways to experience the hell out of exclusive activities and fun that you get to experience in different itineraries at a desert safari in Dubai.

Best Expeditions and Activities Offered at Desert Safari Dubai

 Book an Itinerary According to

● The landscape You Don’t Want to Miss

A visit to desert safari in Dubai is based hugely on what a seeker would love to behold. Usually, a morning expedition is opted by those who are eager to witness the sunrise from the dues. Whereas you can be a part of the reddening hues of the barren during the sunset in an evening desert safari. Don’t miss to catch the magical sights of the dazzling dark blue sky covered with stars in overnight camping. These natural landscapes are the inevitable reasons why this place is crowded with tourists all the time.

● Your Love for Thrill and Excursions

The adrenaline-junkies usually opt. for an evening tour because they get to experience the most out of ultimate thrill and excursion. However, sand sports like dune bashing and sandboarding are also offered in an overnight tour, but most of the travellers enjoy it during the sunset in the late evening hours. If you are not really into a dare and all, you can skip that part to spend mornings in the midst of dunes where an enchanting hot air balloon ride awaits you.

● Your Budget

No matter how fun-loving person you are, budget is the catch to not to skip the least of it. You can go for a prime VIP private tour to a basic self-driven package that starts from as little as 35 dirhams.  You can also choose combo packages and seasonal discounted offers to make the most out of your presence in Dubai. No matter how much AEDs are asked by the itinerary, a wanderer’s soul can find a hundred ways to celebrate his adventure even at the lowest of rates.

● Your Time And Availability

Decide according to your availability and the time that suits you best. Head to the morning tour if you want to save your evenings to explore the city life of Dubai. If you have plenty of time and are here with family, we suggest you approach an overnight itinerary because you’ll get to spend the longest of quality hours with your people.

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A Morning Expedition at Desert Safari Dubai

So a standard morning tour at the dunes of Dubai begins with a pickup between 4 to 5 am from your residence. If you opt for a self-drive package, you’ll be directed to join at the meet-up point. A morning tour lasts for 3-4 hours in which you can enjoy hot air ballooning, a brimming breakfast, and beautiful views of the sunrise.

Wake up before the sun when everyone is asleep and absorb the serenity of the silent barren. A typical morning expedition is more focused on catching the scenic landscape of sunrise & starts from 250 AED and ranges up to 500 AEDs.

The Perks of  an Evening Desert Safari Dubai

An evening itinerary brings you a heck of fun and recreational activities and is focused on terrain excursions. An evening escape to safari is heaven for thrill-seekers. You’ll see it jammed with travellers in an evening tour because it’s budget-friendly i.e. starting from 70 to 550 AEDs inclusive of 15 minutes of dune bashing.

Witness the magical sunset and reddening hues of the terrain. Enjoy six unforgettable hours of sightseeing, adventure, and entertainment covering late afternoons until after the sunset. Unlimited access to snacks and refreshing drinks along with mineral water is also offered in this all-in-one evening tour.

Camping at Night

Enjoy stargazing with the squad outside your camp. A night stay at desert safari is best for families and a group of friends. Spend the sleepless night in a private Bedouin camp or pitch your own with the provided tent and sleeping bags. A standard cost for an overnight trip to safari ranges from 250-900 AEDs depending upon the facilities.

It’s nine hours of precious time you get to spend with your people and continues to the morning breakfast so make the most out of it. Moreover, live shows, BBQ and Buffet, and SUV rides in the silence of night are plenty of adventures that an overnight itinerary offers.

Luxuries of a Private Desert Safari

Arrange private celebrations and birthday parties in a VIP desert safari Dubai and it would worth the expenditure. A typical VIP expedition starts from 2000 AEDs and ranges to 5000 AEDs with all the VIP luxuries made sure. It starts with a pick-up in a 4×4 Toyota land cruiser and continues to stay in lavish private Bedouin camps and Arabian Majlis seatings with recreational activities like Hooka and flavoursome shisha smouldering in sheikh’s lifestyle.

Along with witnessing live entertainment with VIP treatment, you can take pleasure in luxurious buffet and table services.  You get an extended duration of  30 to 40 minutes for dune bashing and other exciting sand activities so to make you amuse the fullest.

Bashing Over High Arabian Dunes

Dune bashing is a famous terrain sport in which you experience a roller coaster adventure in a 4×4 SUV which could be a land cruiser, land rover, dune buggy, hummer, or jeep wrangler. Having a bumpy ride over the crests and troughs of the golden dunes of Arabia is an ultimate choice of madcaps. People love being here to enjoy enthralling sand sports specifically dune bashing. Dune bashing vehicles are driven by expert licensed drivers and the vehicles are equipped with safety kits. So, leave the fear of falling behind and scream get set safari!

Quad Biking & Sand Boarding

Other worth experiencing sand activities are ATV biking, fat biking, and sandboarding. A quad bike is a safety-equipped terrain vehicle with a caged skeleton, light body, and huge tires. Quad bikes have the capacity for two. Usually, an instructor drives sitting by your side and guides you on how to navigate it. Fat bikes, in contrast, are the vehicles for daredevils. A drive for one and crazy sandstorms with a kick start!

Sandboarding is a free sand activity enjoyed by many at desert safari Dubai especially kids and teenagers. Surfing the bumpy sand dunes with echoes of laughter with your friends is a cherishable thing o experience. A smooth delivery over velvety soft sand beds makes sand skiing a unique excursion than waterboarding and ice skiing. Enjoy cuddling in the sand while sandboarding and remember to play wearing jeans and flip-flops or else sand particles will get stuck in your shoes and shorts.

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A Soulful Hot Air Balloon Ride

Witness the widespread golden sand sea and its exquisite life from a bird’s eye view. Catch the hoping gazelles and wandering oryx from 4000 feet about the ground. Hot air balloon is a phantasmic experience that could be experienced nowhere else in the world but in Dubai’s conservation reserve. The magical flight of hot air balloons takes you to an ecstatic zephyr which you take in and exhale all your miseries. Floating in between indigos of the sky and golden dunes while witnessing the rising sun is utterly a surreal moment to live and celebrate your entire life.

The Regal Horse And Camel Rides

Camel and horse riding are the ultimate sources of multiplying your pleasure at the national ranch of Dubai. Camel riding gives you a chance to explore safari’s exquisite sand dunes far and wide. The ship of the desert can take you to the farthest regions of the dunes where jeeps and land rovers can’t approach due to any reasons. Wonder on the fact that how old bedouins used to cover miles on the camel’s hump and they evolved from nomads to the owners of tremendous skyscrapers.

Horse riding is another mode to explore the terrain. Horses are to date considered royal rides. People love to run a horse in terrain as the gallops lead them to crossover the golden sand dunes in an accelerated fashion.

Multiple Colors of an Entertainment-filled  Night

How to make an evening memorable in the midst of the welcoming sand dunes of Dubai? The natives know the answer and for that reason, they represent tremendous colours of Arabian culture to make your trip to Dubai truly unforgettable. Sway along with the mystics when they spin in colourful cloaks to practice mindfulness.

Enjoy the energetic dance forms like Zumba, stick, and traditional Khaleeji dance of Arabia, amaze on the stunning fire show presented by the courageous stuntmen. Listen and hum to the traditional Arabian melodies presented in acoustics leaving you gratifying. Cherish the best time at desert safari being a part of the high-spirited audience by the stage side.

A Delicacy of Eccentric Tastes

Do you love to try native dishes of different states? The mighty desert of Dubai offers a fully-fledged BBQ and Buffet feast containing a variety of super delicious international and local cuisines. The menu contains multiple appetizers, refreshments, snacks, and main courses which look so tempting once you reach the campsite after the madness of the whole day.

There are plenty of refreshments over which you have unlimited access including Arabian coffee & dates, tea, and soft drinks which are so pretty mood-elevating. Enjoy Divine bites of BBQ in the fiery lights of the bonfire, take stimulate sips of mocha with dates and embrace the hospitality at the camel’s home.

Carry the Vibe of Art and Culture

The exceptional and beautifully preserved culture of Dubai is represented with the vivacious colors of the regime at desert safari. Enthuse over the artistry of the beautiful campsite that gives a folk speech of Arabian artistry and culture. It is embellished with beautiful royal carpets, colourful bamboo seatings, and a cozy ambience. Enjoy henna printing on your hands and feet designed beautifully by the natives.

Get dressed in the traditional Arabian costumes such as Thawb and signature scarves, and take some cool snaps. The opportunities to absorb the Arabian tradition cloaked in modern apparel are utterly inspiring. You’d love to surround yourself in the glitz of the native Arabian vibe that will follow you even after your departure from Dubai.

The National Heritage Show -Falconry

Falcons are the national birds of the UAE that are symbolized as the dignity of the folklore Arabian legacy. Falconry is a traditional hunting method of old Arabs which they used to hunt prey with the help of falcons. The bird is trained by its master, sweeping and luring technique in the sand.

The majestic falcons are the heritage birds of Dubai which when poses on your wrist, add a cultural characterization to your photographs. They fascinate you by showing their amazing sand stunts and striking beauty. Enjoy posing with falcons and click the epic moment for a perfect instagrammable collection.

Breath-Taking Beauty of Dusk and Dawn

The compulsive views of sunset and sunrise at desert safari Dubai are the ultimate catch for travel enthusiasts from all over the world. See the color transitioning barren from gold to orange to deep red when the sun is off to drown in the sand ocean. Desert sports are a lot more adventurous to enjoy during sundown.

Also, you have a perfect landscape to depict the flickering colours of safari. Likewise, the time of dawn is also alluring to an observer as it carries serendipity at a vertex. Book a morning or overnight desert safari if you want to experience the flush of the morning in the midst of Arabian dunes.

Talking to the Galaxies

Have you ever spent a night wondering about the secrets of the galaxies? Soak up in the magic of the universe when it spreads sapphire at night in a cold gust of desert. Stargazing experience under the bare blue sky is a divine experience and an overnight stay at desert safari Dubai.

Stepping out of your camp and staring at the spell-bound galaxies which turn into the Milky ways at midnight. The landscape of the silent night with the highlighting dunes seems magical from your campsite. This is a divine and exclusive experience that you can enjoy nowhere else but in the heart of the terrain of Dubai. 

Hundreds of Frames for Out-standing Photography

Gear up photographers and social media activists! If you are in Dubai, a golden chance of polishing your photography skills and engaging your Instagram feed is waiting for you. The spellbound national ranch of Dubai -UAE is heaven for people who love to capture the moments. It offers wonderful scenic moments including the mesmerizing sunset and sunrise, enchanting Milky Way, and exquisite wildlife.

Capture the lovely landscape of the desert during sunrise when thy new sky is embellished with floating hot air balloons comprising a perfect scenic background, just out of this world! Trigger the breaks and get off of the dune buggy to pause and capture the transitioning reddened tones of the dunes during the sunset. Moreover, you have a great opportunity to click the inspiring art and culture of Arabia at the campsite as well.

The Precious Wildlife of a Golden Habitat

Desert safari offers a great opportunity to explorers and wildlife enthusiasts to discover its precious wildlife. The scare wildlife of desert safari includes sand cats, Al-Maha i.e. the Arabian oryx, Arabian leopard, the eagle owl species, gazelles, spiny-tailed lizard, camels, and hawks. The fauna catches the sights of the wanderer and poses on your coolest snaps. 

The vast wildlife at desert safari contributes to the running ecosystem being a part of a marshy habitat. Explore and get fascinated by the existence of rare wildlife of desert safari in Dubai which is found only here amidst the golden sand dunes. 


Whether you are off to explore the signs of life on the highs and lows of sand dunes of Arabia or want to get indulge in the insanity of thrilling excursions, a desert safari in Dubai is a must-visit destination for travel enthusiasts. As it is bathed not only in the serenity of nature but also portrayed a hundred colours of the prismatic culture of the UAE.

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