A Short Weekend Trip to Surat

Surat is mainly known for its textile and diamond industry, a popular city in Gujrat mainly known for its diamond and gold industry. Well, there are also few places that are also famous tourist places that you can explore.

Here in this article, we will discuss 3 beautiful places that you can visit on your short weekend trip to Surat.

Well, in Surat you can have a beautiful weekend trip to make out yourself from the daily exhaustion of your life. The places we will list here can really clear your head. The visiting place is mainly covered with historical places, gardens, and architecture. Well if you are a historical place enthusiastic then you are gonna surely love this place and would love to visit this place more often for your weekend enjoyment destinations. Apart from the places, we will also discuss how to reach and where to stay and what to eat so that from this small article you can have all of your necessary information you can have to make a proper plan for visiting surat without require to visit many places or websites to collect information.

If you are in Mumbai and looking for a weekend trip by car or weekend trip in roadways then Surat can be of great place. Because the distance from Mumbai to Surat is around 300 KM and it would take around 5 hours to reach Surat from Mumbai. So a great road trip can be done on this route. You can hire Gozocabs for this amazing road trip at an affordable taxi price. Book Mumbai to Surat cab with Gozocabs starting from @2400 INR.

Reaching Surat Options :

Via Railways:

Surat, the main railway station named is Surat which connects with almost all the popular railway stations in India. So you can easily board trains from anywhere in India to reach Surat Railway station. Or else the nearby famous railway stations are Vadodara Junction railway station and Ahmedabad Junction railway station which are almost within 300 KMs from Surat. So you can book a ticket according to your preferable station to reach Surat.

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Via Flight:

Surat International Airport Gujarat is the nearest airport to Surat, the airport is connected with almost all the Airports in India. And you can avail many direct airlines to Surat from almost all the Airports. And from Mumbai to Surat via flight, it will take around 1 hour to reach via flight.

Via Roadways:

Surat is well connected with road ways. So you can reach to Surat from anywhere in India smoothly via road ways. From Mumbai to Surat the road distance is almost 300 KM and there are many buses and cabs available for your journey. For bus booking you can visit Redbus, Yatra, etc for booking buses. For bus journey it will take around 6-7 hours to reach Surat from Mumbai. And there are many cabs available for this route. Like Savaari, Gozocabs, etc where you can get a cab service with affordable price and reliable taxis online in India. Book you cab at earliest for hassle free journey.

Staying and Fooding in Surat:


In Surat, you can find many hotels and Lodges ranging from one star to five stars. Choose the hotel as per your requirement and budget. You can visit Mankemytrip, Yatra, Fabhotels, etc to book your favorite hotel. There are hotels you can get from Rs 800 – 1000 per night and you can go up to high as per your budget.


In restaurants or in hotels you can find your regular foods easily but what fun in that eating regular foods. If you are in Surat then you must try the local mouth-watering foods that you will be going to miss once you come back to your home from Surat. Let’s discuss some famous foods in Surat

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Anda Ghotala: Anda Ghotala is a famous and mouth-watering evening snack that people love to eat. And you should try once while you are in Surat. The preparation is made of Eggs and Pav bhaji Masala. And you would found excellent.

Misal Pav: Though this food might be known to you, as this food is famous in Mumbai but after Mumbai if you find someplace that this food is famous is in Surat.

Maggi Noodle Pizza: This food is famous in Surat. You will get Maggi Pizza. This unusual snack is very tasty and satisfying and we recommend you to try it once if you are in Surat.

Lahori Omelet: If you are an egg lover then you will surely enjoy the egg recipe in Surat.

Locho: Locho is absolutely the favorite snack in Surat and you will also find it a tasty snack in Surat. This snack is famous and available in any fast food joint in Surat. So if you wanna give it a try then head to any fast food joint in Surat.

Let’s discuss three beautiful places to visit in Surat:

Surat Castle:

The Surat castle is built in the 18th century with the primary focus to prevent the city from Portuguese. But now this place is a famous tourist spot. On the top of this fort, you can find beautiful scenarios and especially the Tapi river which flows behind this old fort and is a great scenic view. You can enter the fort and explore the various part of this fort and enjoy the historic stories and architecture of this place.

You can visit this place within 10 Am to 6 Pm everyday and there is no entry fee for this place.

The Tomb of Khudawand Khan:

The stunning architectural tomb in Surat for the most respected Governor of Surat Khudawand Khan. It is said that Khudawand Khan as a Governor did much prosperity for Surat and made it a commercial hub. The tomb architecture is excellent and mesmerizing. The tomb is situated in Chakla Bazaar in Surat.

There is no entry fee to visit this place and you can visit this place any time from 6 Am to 6 PM .

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Dutch Garden:

The excellently organized garden is used to be a cemetery for the Dutch. This cemetery is used as a burial ground for many Dutch and British officials. There are many tombs and the place is maintained wonderfully. And now this place is a unique and famous tourist spot to visit.

The entry fee for this place is free and you can visit this place from 8 am to 12 pm and 3 pm to 11 pm.

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