5 Tips to Pick Out the Best Luxury Sofa Cushions to Perk Up Your Living Room

Do you want to perk up your living room décor with bright, colorful, and luxury cushions for your sofa? If yes, then you are reading the writing article. When it comes to redecorating your living area, it’s perceived as a lengthy project,and therefore, before you think of re-painting the living room walls, re-carpeting the floor, or purchasing a new sofa to replace the old one, why not choose sofa cushions and give your couch a new look and feel?

According to an article published in Huffington Post, you can even cover your old cushions with covers instead of purchasing new cushions. In this article, we will walk you through the five tips to choose the best luxury cushions for your living room sofa. Read on to learn more.

1. Use subtle shades

When you are out shopping for sofa cushions, use subtle colors if that is what you like. You can match your new cushions to those colors that you already use in your living room. You can pick from varied tones, be light or dark. You can try this decoration idea if you are looking for neutral tones. Subtle and neutral tones are a designer’s favorite too and they will attest to the same.

2. Choose contrasting tones

If want to create a significant impact, accessorize your couch with contrasting cushions. For example, you can pick from white and blue, white and black, yellow and black, plain on stripes, leopard print on plain, and many more. Even if you have old cushions, you can opt for contrasting cushion covers to add pizzazz to your living room sofa.

You may even consider black that goes well with a solid or patterned sofa, while a decorated or printed cover adds more life to some simple designs.

3. Try a game of mix and match

Be cushions or covers, you can try a mix of colors, sizes, as well as patterns to ensure that your cushions don’t look unusual. Try to add a cohesive mix of cushions, even if it is a single component, be it fabric, pattern, or color. The smaller cushions will occupy the front and therefore, you can choose the most detailed cushions or covers. Do not forget the rule of large, small, and medium prints when you mix and match patterns.

4. Opt for textured cushions

To add more pizzazz to your living room décor, choose cushions or covers that have beautiful textures, patterns, appliqués, or fabrics. You can consider velvet, satin, fur, silk, and suede for that truly luxurious look.

You may even choose woven, beaded, or embroidered cushions or covers to give your sofa a unique look and different texture.

5. Pick designs that go with your personality

Brighten up your living room and let your sofa cushions exude your personality and aesthetic sense. The cushion or cover designs will speak about your style. You can opt for playful or floral patterns to perk up your living room couch.


Now that you have these pointers to choose luxury sofa cushions and covers, make an informed decision. You aim to perk up the overall look and feel of your living room without investing in a new sofa. Use the old sofa instead and choose colorful cushions and covers.

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