4 Top Tips for Maintaining Your Custom Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are one of the most effective tools for promoting a business or any other event. Besides being affordable, custom banners are also very versatile. The materials used make custom banners durable so that they can withstand harsh weather conditions, their dimensions and light weight make them highly portable so you can carry them wherever you want according to your requirement. In this article, we will see the top 4 tips for taking care of your custom vinyl decals.

Make Your Choice Wisely

Custom banners are the best for advertising your brand and products within an affordable range. But strong winds and rains are not the only things that you should consider before customizing your banner. You also need to make sure that they are safe from vandals and accidents and for that, choosinghigh-quality material for your custom banners is very essential. According to Forbes, some banner materials that are made to withstand extreme weather conditions are expensive but if a bit of extra expenditure can increase the longevity of your banner then you should go for it.

Use Proper Cleaning Methods

Do not think that your work is over after choosing a high-quality material for your custom banners because dust and dirt accumulation over banners cannot be prevented by high-quality material. If you do not maintain your custom banners then dirt accumulation will increase with time making your banner untidy. But don’t worry as you need not clean your banners frequently, the only thing you need is the right method of cleaning. You should use clean water, mix it with a little detergent and then wipe your banner thoroughly. But while cleaning, remember to be gentle as any extra force will distort your banner, and most importantly after cleaning do not forget to wipe it dry.

Store Your Banner Carefully

Storing your banner is also equally important. If not stored properly then your banners may undergo extreme irreparable damages. So, what is the proper method to store them? Well, the right method for storing banners is to roll them to prevent creases. The direction in which you should roll, i.e. facing inwards or outwards depends on the type ofprinting. Most importantly make sure that your rolled banners do not come in contact with direct sunlight.

Prevent Creasing

Your bannersare durable, not indestructible. Creasing is one of the biggest issues with banners, to prevent creasing you must keep your banners straight and pull out tight. But in case if creases appear then the best way to treat them is to place a wet cloth over the affected part and iron it. Ripping is another issue with banners but it is very unlikely. If your banner gets ripped on the reverse side you can cover it with tape but if the front side gets ripped then you must get it replaced.


These are the 4 tips that you must keep in mind to maintain your custom vinyl banners. Hope this article helps you.

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