10 Movie Characters That are Not Supposed to be Dead

Surely everyone has seen a movie. Because of our love for the film, we unconsciously like several characters who play in the film. We all know that the movie and the characters in it are fictional, but it can still feel sad when the character must die. The ending is made sad if you don’t have to die, it’s okay, that’s all. Here are 10 movie characters who are very unfortunate to have died.

1.   Charles Xavier – Logan

The Marvel superhero character, Wolverine, is one of the superhero characters who has attracted the attention of many people. Especially seeing how Hugh Jackman plays Logan is perfect. As soon as the news broke that Hugh Jackman would no longer continue his role as Wolverine and Logan would be his last film, many fans were sad.

Sadness didn’t end there. The Logan film, which became Hugh Jackman’s last film as Wolverine, became a very tearful film. There are several unexpected deaths that appear in the film. Like one of them, namely Professor X aka Charles Xavier. He died because his chest was pierced by the adamantium claws of the mutant X-24.

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2. Logan

Charles Xavier isn’t the only character to die in the Logan films. The sadness increases when the main character, Logan, also dies. Wolverine and Marvel fans already know that Logan will be Hugh Jackman’s last film as Wolverine. But did not expect that the end would be this sad.

Logan dies after fighting the X-24 mutant. Logan, who was old and lost his regeneration ability, was heavily injured. Even though he managed to defeat the X-24 mutant and save the other mutant children, the bleeding he experienced was so severe that it couldn’t be helped. Seeing the way, he died, many fans hoped there was another, more humane way to end Logan’s character.

3. Tadashi – Big Hero 6

Cartoons are more intended to be watched by young children. Even so, it is not a barrier to creating a sad storyline by making one or more characters die. Like what happened in the movie Big Hero 6. With the character of Tadashi Hamada dying, then this film can run.

Tadashi Hamada is Hiro Hamada’s older brother. As an older brother, Tadashi is a good brother to his younger brother. While talking with his sister, a fire broke out in a building. Tadashi, who intends to save Callaghan, becomes a victim when the building explodes. The building exploded at the same time killing Tadashi. This tragic death must be witnessed by his younger brother, Hiro.

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4. Pietro Maximoff – Avengers: Age of Ultron

Avengers: Age of Ultron is included in the series of Marvel Cinematic Universe films that aired in 2015. This film tells the story of Tony Stark who wants to create a robot that can replace the role of the Avengers in protecting Earth from the attacks of bad people and aliens. But who would have thought that this plan turned 180 degrees and almost created an apocalypse for mankind?

The Ultron he created refused to be controlled and wanted to rule humans and the world. This battle took place in the city of Sovokia and caused the city to be destroyed. There is one sad moment where the character Pietro Maximoff dies. Pietro, who was originally a team with Ultron, decided to move to the Avengers. Pietroff was shot to death by a bullet trying to become a shield for Clint Barton.

5. Boromir – Lord of the Rings

If you have enough free time, please watch the film The Lord of the Rings. There are 3 films of The Lord of the Rings, the first starting with The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King. This film was based on a novel by J. R. R. Tolkien and became a trilogy with a long duration.

The short story about the journey of Frodo and his friends to Mount Doom’s comrades to destroy Sauron’s ring. In collaboration with the human and elf races, there is a human named Boromir who goes along with Frodo to Mount Doom. From initially doubting, being annoying, and wanting to grab the ring held by Frodo, Boromir turned out to be a protector of Merry and Pippin from the orc attacks.

Boromir had to die because he was struck by an arrow from an orc. Even though Aragorn had come and defeated the orc, Boromir’s life could not be saved.

6. Sirius Black: Harry Potter

The successful Harry Potter film made many people crazy about the wizarding world. Not only children, this film can even make adults also imagine going to a magic school called Hogwarts. In total there are 8 Harry Potter films, but what is interesting to discuss is the 5th film, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Harry Potter fans know that Harry has no parents. His cousins ​​have no affection for Harry. One that can be considered his family is Sirius Black. Acting as the godfather to Harry, Harry and Sirius’s relationship is very close. It’s unfortunate that the Sirius character has to die while protecting Harry. Sirius died from being hit by magic from his own sister, Bellatrix Lestrange.

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7. Natasha Romanoff – Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame is the closing film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel has built the MCU very well and planned. Once it was announced that the last Avengers film would close in Avengers: Endgame, all Marvel fans were so enthusiastic about welcoming this film. And as usual, Marvel executed the film very well.

There is only one disappointment in Avengers: Endgame. The disappointment was that the five Natasha Romanoff died. Natasha Romanoff is a very reliable SHIELD agent. While on a mission with Clint Barton to find a soul stone, it turned out that a soul stone could only be obtained by sacrificing one life. Clint, who fights Natasha to become the victim, ends with Natasha jumping off a cliff. After dying, Clint woke up on the water with a soul stone in his hand.

8. Charlie Graham – Hereditary

Hereditary is one of the best horror films that you must watch. This film tells the story of a mysterious disturbance experienced by the Graham family. The Graham family experienced grief when his grandmother died. The sadness is not over, there are strange events that happen to all members of the Graham family. From there it was discovered that this grandmother was involved in a cult that worshiped the devil.

One by one, the Graham family members experienced a strange incident and several died. Not even dying in a way that’s pleasant to watch. As happened to the character Charlie Graham. This daughter, after experiencing changes in behavior since her grandmother died, had to die while riding in a car driven by her sister. Charlie was in an accident because he popped his head out of the car window and hit a roadside phone box.

9. Samantha – I Am Legend

Movies about zombies are always interesting to follow. When asked how many films the theme of zombies have, the answer is there are many. If the story is quite sad and the character’s most memorable death, maybe the answer is I am Legend, played by actor Will Smith.

Will Smith who plays Dr. Robert Neville is trying to find a vaccine from a zombie virus that spreads in New York City. He is immune from the zombie virus and is the only human who lives in the city. He was only accompanied by a dog named Samantha. This Samantha always accompanied Robert wherever he went. Until a moment when Robert was attacked by zombies, Samantha became his savior.

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10. Daisy – John Wick

It has a simple concept where there is a former legendary killer who wants to live in peace but must return to his old world because his life is disturbed by irresponsible people. Played by Keanu Reeves, this John Wick film, whose storyline is simple, has successfully entertained the audience.

John Wick is a legendary retired killer. Her quiet life turns messy when her house is robbed by a group of people. Not only took the car, but the robbers also killed John’s favorite dog named Daisy. From here John then decided to take revenge on the muggers.

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