10 Most Popular Half Birthday Decoration Supplies

Most kids keep on counting months and days to their birthday and party that is supposed to follow the day. They get the chance to celebrate this big day with their friends and families, cut cake and get gifts too. However, this case is completely different for a child who is not even a year old. No matter if they won’t know what the celebration is about, there is another trend that’s gaining momentum in the birthday party sector that is a celebration of your kid’s half birthday. Your child’s special day comes after the six-month of their birthday. While some parents have tried out the half birthday celebration trend as a fun way to stretch out the kid’s special birthday, others might think it silly too!

We know that this trend is not so old or tradition to celebrate half-year, however, the popular decoration supplies make it one of the best reasons to celebrate. As we have talked so much about the significance of this special day in the life of parents, let’s toss into some of the trendy half-birthday decoration supplies that we are sure you would love to consider to pick for your kid’s upcoming half-year milestone.

1. Cheer Up with Balloons

By far one of the most trending half-birthday decorations is balloons. The addition of balloons of several ranges makes a stylish and modern birthday party. Your kid might not know what balloons are but the addition of these half-birthday party decoration supplies can fascinate kids of all ages. From latex, foil to confetti balloons, they work perfectly for the day.

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2. Flaunt Numerical Foil Balloon

Another trending half-birthday decorations are foil numerical balloons. A golden or silver foil numerical balloon of 1 & 2 numbers are perfect gender-neutral balloons that represent the ½ year milestone of your kid in a stylish way. While these balloons can be a great addition to your baby’s birthday celebration for walls, they also make a great addition to table centerpieces. You can club up these balloons along with other foil figurine balloons according to the birthday theme to make it look extraordinary.

3. Welcome the Guests with Banner

Who can resist a half-year birthday decoration that includes the “It’s My Half Birthday” banner? Celebrate your little cuties’ birthday with a banner that wishes them the best and greets the guests most uniquely. Half birthday banners are adorable half birthday decoration ideas at home for both girls and boys. Consideration of banner for the special day is literally oh too sweet!

4. Fabulous Cake Toppers

Have a little one who is obsessed with cakes? We know kids are fond of cakes and chocolates. Them you do not want to miss their birthday cake for your little one. Get a customized theme-based cake and also mark their milestone in an extra special way with the addition of a cake topper. We bet cake toppers can be a modern way to transform your even simple cake into a beautiful one.

5. Blow the Unique Candle

Gone are the days when you just blow small boring candles of the same color. With bright colors and designs, there is a range of designer candles for the birthday ranging from numerical ones to figurine ones that bring happiness and a cheering vibe to the celebration. Get candles for the cake for a fun celebration.

6. Finishing Touch with Swirl Decorations

It’s a PAWRI time!!!! What a cute swirl decoration can be to amaze your little toddler on his or her birthday? Bring in the amazing swirl decoration that goes perfectly well with other 6 months baby birthday decorations items. Add them to empty ceilings or tie them to the floating balloons, they look great!

7. Capture the Memories with Photo Booth Props

Oh, you talk about memories? What best way can it be to capture the memories of your little munchkin’s special day with some photo booth props? Get a set of photo booth props that do not only fit perfectly for your selfie and groupies but also create a magical backdrop for the day.

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8. Glam Up with Foil Curtains & Pom Poms

Other trending half-birthday decoration items are foil curtains and Pom Poms. The excitement of adding a foil curtain on an empty wall tends to get the best of your decoration. Foil curtains look great when paired up with light, balloon, and banners as a backdrop. While silver and gold are versatile enough for any birthday celebration, you can opt for one. Add the colorful vibe to the party with the addition of some colorful pompoms too! They look great.

9. Memories with Photo Calendar Banner

Finding a perfect half-birthday decoration item for the little one is seriously not that easy as you have thought it to be. Especially when you want it to be fun, unique, and memorable at the same time. However, one of the popular half birthday decorations items that have all these elements can be a photo calendar banner! Treasure your memories on the calendar, add some beautiful pictures of your kid since his/her birth, and clip on the banner! They really will melt everyone’s heart!

10. Brighten Up Space With Lights

Last but not the least, the addition of lights is evergreen and popular for any kind of event, parties, and festivals too! Bring the celebration and festive vibe to your house with the addition of LED lights. This can be one of the best half-birthday decorations at home that can be reused for other occasions as well. Use them indoors or outdoor or any corner of the house, they brighten up space and add fun to the entire celebration.

Birthday celebrations are not about going out of budget on birthday decoration however they are about making memories and getting decorations done that are unique and budget-friendly too. We know it only comes once a year and this is why above mentioned popular birthday decoration supplies can best fit to celebrate your kid’s half milestone!

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